Life Cycle Riddim
Hard At Work Music/Frenz For Real Records
Digital Release
October 10, 2011

Track list
  1. Arrow - Hold A Medz
  2. Bunny General - A Nuh Dem
  3. Cherubim - Try That With Me
  4. Chulu Blaxxx - Jah Ova Everything
  5. Denno - Tek Mi Life [Badmind]
  6. Don't Play - This Year
  7. Gott-Yo - Life Nuh Easy
  8. Higher Purse - Tell Me
  9. J-Buzz - Girl I Need Your Love
  10. Karamanti - We A Stand Still
  11. M. A. P. feat. Lyrik - Apology
  12. Mafia - God A Bless Me
  13. Mr. Charge - Live My Life
  14. Natural Black - Africa Awaits
  15. Propally - Bring Back Di World
  16. Rajah Dalla - Watch Yuh Friends
  17. Stern feat. Bentley - Heartless
  18. Tajji - Don't Give Up
  19. Thomo T - Sky Scraper
  20. Thugsy Malone - Wash Away The Pain
  21. Tidal - Weh Dem A Guh Say
  22. TR - Friend For Real
  23. Version - Mamma Say
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
You won't find the real big names on this "Life Cycle" riddim, but that doesn't imply that this 'one-riddim' set ain't any good. Here you're introduced to a bunch of fresh artists, some of them already known from previous Frenz For Real productions, who have joined internationally known artists like Natural Black and Bunny General to showcase their skill and talent to the world. The mastermind behind the "Life Cycle" riddim is the much sought after Ricardo "RedBoom" Reid, while the project was financed entirely by Omar "Benji" Benjamin, thus making it a Hard At Work/Frenz For Real production.

The mid-tempo "Life Cycle" riddim, with its prominent keyboard phrases and nice drum machine patterns, boasts no less than 23 vocal cuts. Far too much to bear one would say, but luckily that ain't the case. While the infectious riddim nicely floats along, it's the consciousness of the lyrics and quite a few good vocal deliveries that keep you involved. Pleasant surprises are very enjoyable efforts from little known artists. The latter include Arrow's "Hold A Medz", Chulu Blaxxx's Jah Ova Everything, Cherubim's "Try That With Me" (despite it's autotuned parts), Don't Play's "This Year", and Thomo T's "Sky Scraper". Besides that this set's standouts are Bunny General's "A Nuh Dem", Gott-Yo's lead track "Life Nuh Easy", Karamanti's "We A Stand Still", and Natural Black's "Africa Awaits". Also those who are looking for tracks that deal with matters of the heart are treated well with Higher Purse's "Tell Me" and J-Buzz's "Girl I Need Your Love".

Even though this 'one riddim' set doesn't include a couple of big hits, it's definitely worth checking out.