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Love All Nite ~ 15 Lovers Rock Grooves
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  1. Michael Gordon - Love Is What You Make It
  2. Nerious Joseph - No One Night Stand
  3. Michael Gordon - Turn Out The Light
  4. Peter Spence - Crazy Feeling
  5. Barry Boom - Making Love
  6. Philip Leo - I Want To Be Loved
  7. Nerious Joseph - Guidance
  8. Philip Leo - Girl Of My Dreams
  9. Vivian Jones - If You Want Me
  10. Vivian Jones - Rebel Woman
  11. Peter Hunnigale - Perfect Lady
  12. Neville Morrison - True Friends
  13. John McLean - I'll Be Waiting
  14. Peter Hunnigale - How Could I Leave
  15. Neville Morrison - This Game Called Love
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4

Love All Nite ~ 15 Lovers Rock Grooves collects some of the best moments in the history of lovers rock. The term lovers rock inadvertently came from a south London based label of the same name. The name summed up the style of the moment just as the male dominated conscious drum and bass style was beginning to wear thin and female vocalists were deciding to do their own thing. A softer approach to life but still utilising "ruff'n'tuff" bassline, lovers rock made people just want to get closer and the music proved the key. Within a matter of months, lovers rock began to outsell the traditional roots music practically every time. The names Janet Kay, Carol Thompson, Louisa Marks, and Caron Wheeler were synonymous with the whole '70s and 80's musical revolution. The lovers rock phenomenon has clearly never gone away as audiences and dj's alike try to recapture, relive or even re-introduce themselves to this sound.
Since the inception in the summer of 1980 London based 'Fashion Records' has delivered a string of memorable dancehall as well as lovers rock hits. This compilation concentrates on the period 1985 to 1997. One of the sweetest voices in reggae music -Peter 'Mr. Vibes' Hunnigale- is present here with two tracks, Perfect Lady his debut single for Fashion in 1994 and from 1997 comes How Could I leave.
The very talented Vivian Jones is a sophisticated singer with a warm and soulful voice, who's been charting in England for almost two decades now. However, outside the U.K. he's a rather unknown and underrated singer, who actually deserves to get more attention. Vivian Jones records mainly in England and is equally at home with love songs and conscious vibrations. If You Want Me and Rebel Woman are two of his finest lovers rock tracks.
Paul Robinson aka Barry Boom is one of the UK's leading producers. He's also a soulful singer and charted in the early nineties with Making Love. Former member of The Investigators Michael Gordon turns in two classic performances on Love Is What You Make It and Turn Out The Light.
The gifted Nerious Joseph skilfully showcases his talents on No One Night Stand and the impeccable Guidance. Neville Morrison is a relative newcomer whose True Friends did very well a couple of years ago. This Game Called Love captures him in a Maxie Priest reminiscent style reworking Delroy Wilson's 'Dancing Mood' riddim.
Do we need to say more ? This is strictly high class lovers rock style, melodic, sweet and soulful produced by one of the UK's leading reggae labels.

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