Various artists album review
Trojan Lovers Box Set ~ Limited Edition
Triple CD box set
27 - 03 - 1999

Tracking list

    Disc 1
  1. Delroy Wilson - Living In The Footsteps
  2. Marcia Griffiths - Put A Little Love In Your Heart
  3. Jackie Edwards - In Paradise
  4. Ken Boothe - Why Baby Why
  5. Dennis Brown - Lips Of Wine
  6. Delano Stewart - Stay A Little Longer
  7. The Melodians - Ring Of Gold
  8. John Holt - Memories By The Score
  9. The Heptones - Our Day Will Come
  10. Dave Barker - Lonely Man
  11. Derrick Harriott - Have You Seen Her
  12. Pat Kelly & The Uniques - Daddy's Home
  13. The Ethiopians - Sad News
  14. Alton Ellis - I'll Be Waiting
  15. B.B. Seaton - Thin Line Between Love And Hate
  16. Gregory Isaacs - All I Have Is Love
  17. The Fab Five Inc. - Love Me For A Reason
   Disc 2
  1. Slim Smith - Turning Point
  2. David Isaacs - Til I Can't Take It Anymore
  3. The Gaylads - My Jamaican Girl
  4. Joe Smith - I'm So Proud
  5. Sharon Forrester - Silly Wasn't I
  6. Larry Marshall - Please Stay
  7. Al Brown - Here I Am Baby
  8. Horace Andy - Riding For A Fall
  9. Toots & The Maytals - It Must Be True Love
  10. The Beltones - No More Heartache
  11. The Silvertones - That's When It Hurts
  12. Keith & Tex - Tonight
  13. Bob Andy - One Woman
  14. Cornell Campbell - Never Found A Girl
  15. The Paragons - Left With A Broken Heart
  16. Susan Cadogan - Fever
    Disc 3
  1. Jackie Edwards - Your Eyes Are Dreaming
  2. Dennis Brown - Silhouette
  3. Marcia Griffiths - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  4. Ken Boothe - Now I Know
  5. The Melodians - You Don't Need Me
  6. Delroy Wilson - It Hurts
  7. Inner Circle - You Make Me Feel Brand new
  8. Glen Adams - Rich In Love
  9. Errol Dunkley - Darling Ooh
  10. The Heptones - Let Me Hold Your Hand
  11. Pat Kelly - Soulful Love
  12. John Holt - You Will Never Find Another Love Like Mine
  13. Derrick Harriott - Since I Lost My Baby
  14. Phyllis Dillon - Things Of The Past
  15. Bob Andy - Honey Child
  16. The Uniques - You'll Lose A Precious Love
  17. Busty Brown - Just As Long As You Need Me
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3/4 Sleeve : 3/4

Rastafarianism, roots, and culture have been and still are popular themes in reggae music. But from the beginning on vocalists and groups recorded numerous sides concentrating on a fundamental issue, love. And that's what this fifth Trojan box is all about. In the late 60s and early 70s Jamaica witnessed an explosion of soulful and romantic recordings, mostly covers of popular and in demand soul, r&b and pop songs.
Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths joined forces in the early 70s and recorded a handfull of popular tunes. Here both artists are featured with fine solo recordings : Bob Andy does Al Green's One Woman and the selfpenned Honey Child. Marcia Griffiths is present with her rendition of Jackie DeShannon's Put A Little Love In Your Heart and Roberta Flacks' First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.
Both Pat Kelly and Dave Barker have performed with the rocksteady group The Uniques. From 1970 comes Dave Barker's Lonely Man, whereas Pat Kelly delivers two covers, Daddy's Home and the superb Curtis Mayfield song Soulful Love. Joe Smith also covers a Curtis Mayfield tune, I'm So Proud.
The songs of the soulband The Chi-Lites always have been a source of inspiration for Jamaican artists. Derrick Harriott recorded his superb interpretation of Have You See Her in the early 70s. Dennis Brown is present here with two tracks recorded at the beginning of his career, Lips Of Wine and the very popular Silhouettes. Talented Jackie Edwards passed away in 1995, but his songs live on. He's featured with two tracks, In Paradise, a version of a 1956 R&B hit by the Cookies, and a remake of one of his earliest hits, Your Eyes Are Dreaming.
The Gaylads were amongst one of the most popular vocal groups of the rocksteady and early reggae days. The single Jamaican Girl charted in 1971. Two founding members of this group, Delano Stewart and B.B. Seaton, deliver two fine solo efforts. Delano Stewart cut Stay A Little Bit Longer for Sonia Pottinger, whereas B.B. Seaton versions The Persuaders' Thin Line Between Love And Hate.
The late great Delroy Wilson cut Living In The Footsteps in 1973 for Bunny Lee. The other Delroy Wilson track It Hurts is a cover of the original tune by The Tams. Riding For A Fall, another Tams original is covered by Horace Andy. In 1979 Errol Dunkley charted worldwide with 'Oke Fred'. He already was an established star in Jamaica with popular sides such as Darling Ooh, which he voiced in 1972 for Sonia Pottinger.
If you're inna romantic mood don't forget to check out this triple cd box set, you're gonna love it !

Teacher & Mr. T.