Loving Pauper Meets Hypocrite
Joe Frasier-VP Records
October 10, 2006

Track list
    'Loving Pauper'-riddim
  1. Innocent Or Guilty - Sadiki
  2. What Am I Gonna Do - Donna Marie
  3. Feel The Vibes - George Nooks
  4. I Miss You - Janet Lee Davis
  5. Restless Eyes - Kashief Lindo
  6. More Love - Lloyd Brown
  7. How I Let You Go - Kwest
  8. Had It All - Sandra Cross
  9. Loving Pauper - Dobby Dobson
  10. Your Shining Light - Freddie McGregor
  11. Rock Me Tonight - Anthony Cruz
  12. Mash Up Me Love Life - Screwdriver
  13. Don't Leave Me Now - Sandra Cross
  14. Do Bad My Myself - Steele
  15. So Sick - Sadiki
  16. Miserable - Melanie Lynch
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Lloyd & Michelle Campbell of Joe Frasier Records, often release two riddim albums like VP's Riddim Driven "Engine 54 / Humanity", and their "Peanut Vendor meets Bongo Nyah" set, be it or not alongside Jason Sterling who himself released the beautiful 'Hooligan' one riddim album just a couple of months ago on his own Jasfar Records, and although their latest joint effort "Fingerprint Riddim" wasn't, this time it's business as usual again coupling two classic riddim. Being a great singers-producers team, the Joe Frasier label often provides great (relicks of great) riddims suiting sweeter voiced singers, like Sanchez for "Frenzy" and several other tracks on his "No More Heartaches"-album, Lloyd Brown on his album "Dreams To Remember" and Fiona on her "Forever", "Fiona's Moment" and "Wanna Make Love". The first riddim is Dobby Dobson's seminal 1967 Duke Reid produced Treasure Isle scorcher "Loving Pauper", getting the full lovers treatment by Sadiki, who has been (occasionally) recording ever since 1999 with his "Innocent Or Guilty" kicked off by a typical oldschool Jamaican court-in-session-intro, followed by UK lovers rock icon Donna Marie - her albums "Thinking Of You", "Now Is The Time" and "Marvellous" are all perfect showcases of her abilities - complaining "What Am I Gonna Do", George Nooks lascivious bedroom adaptation of "Loving The Pauper" in "Feel The Vibes" and another female even more veteran UK lovers rock icon Janet Lee Davis doing a great answer version to "Loving Pauper" with "I Miss You". Kashief Lindo, who still has that young sound that propelled him to childstardom delivers the very fine "Restless Eyes", before Joe Frasier stalwart Lloyd Brown states access to reconcile denied declaring his resisting acceptance of a marriage gone wrong and being over "More Love". The to me unknown Kwest deliver in fine vocal harmony the wonderful "How I Let You Go" before Sandra Cross, (former (Mad Professor's) Ariwa) lovers rock legend, contributes the equally great "Had It All" and a reprise of Dobby Dobson's own brilliant "Loving Pauper" finish the excellent selection on this first riddim. The second riddim is Bob Marley & The Wailers 'Hypocrites', released on the Wailers' own Wail 'n' Soul 'm label in the same year 1967 and of course famously revived in 1984 by King Jammy's for Half Pint's smash hit "Mr. Landlord". Freddy McGregor is in great shape on this riddim with "Your Shining Light" and so is Anthony Cruz (who sung his "Ruler Of The World" over King Jammy's son Lloyd 'John John' James' version of the riddim) begging a girl to "Rock Me Tonight". Screwdriver is doing a perfect job as well, his "Mash Up Me Love Life" is one of the best tunes of a selection with no flaws at all and Sandra Cross' second appearance on this album with "Don't Leave Me Now" is as welcome as the first was. Steele, regarded as one of the most consistent artists to come out of Canada and who - as you can read in the December 4, 2006 entry on our News Page - has just been confirmed for Rebel Salute 2007, contributes the very fine "Do Bad By Myself", a worthy succession to his very good late 2004 debut set "Uncorrupted", before Sadiki drops his second tune on this set, the superb cover of US R&B sensation Ne-Yo's "So Sick" of lovesongs and the album is brought to a close with another UK lovers rock tune, this time the first solo effort known to me by Steel Pulse backing vocalist Melanie Lynch, "Miser Able", actually sounding like "Miss I Rebel", which I surely hope will not be her last solo outing. Only one complaint about this wonderful collection of well sung tunes over two brilliant riddims, the clean versions aren't included on this CD, but it's nevertheless a must have album!