Mad Step Riddim
DJ Frass Records
Digital Release
January 6, 2014

Track list
  1. I-Octane - Silent Bad People
  2. Beenie Man - Wine Up U Body
  3. Baby Cham - Hustle All Day Raw
  4. G Starr - Mi Kno Easy
  5. Alkaline - How She Bad So
  6. Ce'Cile & Flexxx - Get Ano Chat
  7. T.O.K. - Love Wen U Wine
  8. Chase Cross - Sound Off Me Rifle
  9. Versatile - Fuck She Wha
  10. Mavado - Dem A Try Style Man
  11. 3 Star - Cant Get Away
  12. Rhyme Minister - Mad Mad Move
  13. The Mad Step Riddim - Instrumental
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Total votes : 4
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
The "Mad Step Riddim" is the latest dancehall juggling from DJ Frass Records, the Jamaican record label known from previously released top riddims such as "Pop Style", "Diamonds And Gold", "Dial Out", "Taxi Stand", "Center Forward", "Cleara", "Israel", "Shadow", and "Hot Patty".

Although not instantly sounding very impressive, there's something almost downright ghoulishly addictive about this latest dark creation from producer Kimani Palmer aka DJ Frass, which surely starts to grow on you after a few listening sessions. The intoxicant of the riddim track, as usual from DJ Frass, also comes armed with some of the biggest names in the genre with the likes of Elephant Man, Beenie Man, Mavado, T.O.K., I-Octane and Ce'Cile (w/Flexx) making appearances. However, one of the more fascinating pieces of information adorning the "Mad Step" riddim is the fact that it represents one of the one or two times annually that Baby Cham ventures outside the walls of the Madhouse and his effort here, "Hustle All Day", is one of the biggest efforts on the riddim. Besides that it's Chase Cross' "Sound Of Mi Riffle" and especially G Starr's "Mi Nuh Easy" that also impress. Don't overlook solid efforts such as I-Octane's "Silent Bad People" and Mavado's "Dem A Try Style Man" either. Good to have the instrumental version of the riddim also included here.

All in all a real nice juggling set for the dancehall massive.