Various artists album review
Mashing Up Creation
Dubmission Records
12 - 06 - 1997

Tracking list

  1. 100 th Monkey - Backwater dub
  2. Adelphi - Jah Weybridge
  3. 23 - Five six dub
  4. Blu - Dubmarine
  5. The Blue Voice - Pear shaped dub
  6. Lung transplant - Chillum yoga
  7. Etherealites - Unbelievers
  8. Hypnophobia - Lunar blood
  9. Dubolition - 637 735
  10. Doof - Baba, we love dub so
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 5

"Mashing Up Creation" is the debut compilation set of the UK based Dubmission Records. Dedicated to the musical inspiration of some of the great reggae producers and artists like King Tubby, Lee Perry, Big Youth, Gregory Isaacs & new generation names like Universal Egg, Dubhead and Planet Dog, "Mashing Up Creation" showcases 10 tracks of ground breaking dubs recorded in the UK. It is a culmination of a variety of artists from trance, techno, jazz, trip hop and drum 'n' bass coming together with their favourite dub, whose roots can be traced back to the grand masters of dub. More trance than reggae, this set takes a grip on you...from the excellent "Backwater Dub" to the funky mind surgery of "Dubmarine" and inbetween the techno sounds of the Dubolition track "637 735". This splendid compilation album brings you a fresh and new edge in uplifting smoking tunes. Pass the pipe and join this chalice-blazing UK dub conference !

Teacher & Mr. T.