Various artists album review
CD / 2LP
17 - 02 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Elephant Man - Give Her It Good
  2. Sean Paul - Ever Blazing
  3. Beenie Man - 10 Out Of 10
  4. Danny English & Egg Nog - Wine Baby Wine
  5. Bounty Killer - Raging Storm
  6. Wayne Marshall - Check Yourself
  7. Chico - So Fly
  8. Spragga Benz - Dat She Like
  9. Mr. Vegas - Uh Huh
  10. Chrissy D - Rock Me
  11. Bling Dawg - Stress Free
  12. Zumjay - Shake It
  13. Assassin - The Answer
  14. Degree - The Mirror
  15. Aisha - Critical
  16. Lexxus - Anything You Wear
  17. T.O.K. - That Girl
  18. Buccaneer - Price Tag
  19. Tanya Stephens - Own Man
  20. Desperado - Have Some Fun
  21. Hawkeye - Real Good
  22. Lenky - Masterpiece 2.5
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

One of Jamaica's new breed of young, dynamic, talented musicians and also groundbreaking new producer, Steven "Lenky" Marsden, has made a serious impact with the "Diwali", the biggest and most successful dancehall riddim of the year 2002, still huge in the dance all over the world. So it obvious that the dancehall massive has been yearning for the follow-up to this innovative and blockbusting street beat. Now here's the "Masterpiece", Lenky's second attempt for his own 40/40 Productions, and we have to admit that this spanking new riddim fully lives up to expectation. Again Lenky has succeeded in creating a killer riddim which looks set to repeat the phenomenal success of the "Diwali". Although one can't deny that the "Masterpiece" bears some resemblance to its predecessor, this riddim definitely has a wicked vibe and flavour of its own. Featured on "Greensleeves Rhythm Album #34" are a massive twenty-two tracks with all the familiar dancehall names present and correct. A whole heap of real masterpieces are featured here including Elephant Man's "Give Her It Good", Sean Paul's "Ever Blazing", Beenie Man's "10 Out Of 10", Danny English & Egg Nog's combination tune "Wine Baby Wine", Bounty Killer's "Raging Storm", Wayne Marshall's "Check Yourself", Chico's "So Fly", Assassin's "The Answer", Tanya Stephens' "Own Man", Lexxus' "Anything You Wear" and Hawkeye's "Real Good". With the remaining cuts being solid efforts in their own right you can't go wrong with this entertaining version excursion.

Teacher & Mr. T.