Various artists album review
Maximum Ragga
Nocturne-Walboomers Music

Tracking list

  1. Intro
  2. Red Rat - Talk Up
  3. Zumjay - Gain Success
  4. Mr. Vegas - Too Much
  5. Hawkeye - Real Bad Man
  6. Dread Son - Show Some Love
  7. T.O.K. - Straight As An Arrow
  8. Elephant Man - F*** Off
  9. Italee feat. Red Rat - Slow Jam
  10. Goofie - Nuff A Dem A Badmind (Remix)
  11. Chico, T.O.K., Mr. Vegas, Italee & Degree - Space Invaders (The Super C Juggling Megamix)
  12. Chico - One Man Alone
  13. Mad Andrew - Tell Her Fi Step
  14. Intermition
  15. Zumjay - Let Me In
  16. Future Troubles - Knocking At Your Door
  17. Red Rat - Throw Me Off
  18. Italee - Bad Gal
  19. Sean Paul - Back Off
  20. Mega Banton - Inna Di Gideon
  21. Mr. Vegas - Where I Wanna Be
  22. Beenie Man - More Prayer
  23. Elephant Man - Bun It Down
  24. Red Rat - Bun Dem (Remix)
  25. Ce'Cile Lovin It
  26. Mr. Vegas - Pull It Up Now
  27. T.O.K. - Number One
  28. Elephant Man - War & Peace
  29. Outro
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3

After the early 2002 released "The Best Of Maximum Sound", dancehall fans are again treated to a compilation set produced by Frenchie, this time in the mega-mix format. It's Junior Dubbs, renown English sound system operator and remixer (e.g. remix for Destinys Child's 'Say My Name'), who has expertly mixed together tunes by some of Jamaica's biggest dancehall artists including Red Rat, Mr Vegas, Beenie Man, T.O.K., Elephant Man, Ce'Cile and the latest superstar Sean Paul. Frenchie's friendship and association with musician Stephen "Lenky" Marsden - known as the man behind last year's successful "Diwali" riddim - helped in developing the innovative and 100% original "Maximum Sound" riddims such as "The Itch", "Space Invader", "Fuzzy" and "Desert Storm". "Maximum Ragga" is packed with massive riddims and great dancehall licks from the past five years. Furthermore this cd features some unreleased tracks and mixes. Too much great cuts to point out each and everyone so let's just stick to our personal favourites which include Beenie Man's awesome "More Prayer, Mr. Vegas' infectious "Too Much", T.O.K.'s "Straight As An Arrow", Goofy's hard-hitting "Nuff A Dem Badmind", Sean Paul's killer "Back Off" and Elephant Man's "Bun It Down".
"Maximum Ragga" collects a very entertaining bunch of tunes from one of the UK's most progressive dancehall producers.

Teacher & Mr. T.