Melodical Fyah Riddim Selection
Union World Music
Digital Release
April 9, 2013

Melodical Fyah Riddim Selection - Various Artists Track list
  1. Ilements - Real Life
  2. Perfect Giddimani - T.G.I.F.
  3. Ginjah feat. Danny English - Come Love Me
  4. Kabaka Pyramid - War Crime & Violence
  5. Sizzla feat. Ne´man - OK
  6. Deliman feat. Mr. Glamarus & Fitta Warri - Whole World Crying
  7. Ras Charmer - Give Praise
  8. Benjie - Sinne Klar
  9. Raphael - Still Burning
  10. Peurcy G feat. Duane Stephenson - Far We A Come From
  11. More Colours - Togetherness
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
With a trailer load of 'one riddim' aka 'juggling' sets being dropped in our digital music box, it sometimes happens that some of them go under the Reggae Vibes radar. This was almost the case with the "Melodical Fyah Riddim Selection" from Austria's Union World Music, but luckily it didn't happen as we rediscovered it by chance. Yes 'luckily', because this full sounding live played roots riddim, actually the first juggling riddim of Austrian backing band Fireman Crew, deserves to be heard.

The "Melodical Fyah Riddim Selection" offers a nice line up of artists including Jamaican artists such as Perfect Giddimani, Ginjah, Danny English, Duane Stephenson, Ras Charmer, Kabaka Pyramid and international reggae star Sizzla, but also lesser known names like French reggae artists Ilements and Neiman, up-and-coming Italian roots singer Raphael, and from Germany singer Benjie and the duo More Colours, which consists of Norman Akwesi and Easyman Ben. Ilements gets things started with "Real Life", a solid message tune for all ghetto youths. Lyrically Perfect Giddimani's "T.G.I.F." (meaning "Thank God It's Friday") is really weak and doesn't have anything to offer. "Come Love Me" by Ginjah & Danny English, a tune that deals with affairs of the heart, is a far better effort than its predecessor. It tells us about the joy and hardships that are part of any relationship, but no matter what happens you'll have to stay together through thick and thin. Kabaka Pyramid's "War, Crime & Violence" makes a very good impression and is one of the highlights here.

In 2010 Sizzla and Ne´man did the collaboration "Stop Axe Mi Money", which appeared on Ray Ne´man's album "Fils Du Peuple". Now they have teamed up once again for "OK", a strong message tune with Sizzla's fiery lyrical and vocal delivery leading the way. Vienna's own Deliman, who is joined by Jamaica born artists Mr. Glamarus & Fitta Warri, delivers the solid "Whole World Crying", while Ras Charmer gives thanks and praises to the Most High with his song "Give Praise", another highlight on this collection. Benjie is a nice cut, especially for those who are able to understand the German lyrics. Raphael has attracted our attention with the release of a few notable efforts and "Still Burning" is further proof that we should keep an eye on this much promising young artist. The real standout here is the thought-provoking burner "Far We A Come From" by Peurcy G and Duane Stephenson. The "Melodical Fyah Riddim Selection" is rounded off in fine style by More Colours' "Togetherness".

All in all this is a thoroughly enjoyable 'one riddim' set, truly worthwhile checking it.