Various artists album review
Messages From The Seventh Sense
Jah Works
07 - 10 - 2002

Tracking list

  1. Roots Crusaders - Quick March
  2. Mene Man - Dub Them (Full Length Mix)
  3. Jericho Horns - Rising
  4. Martin Campbell - Hard On The Rootsman
  5. Seventh Sense - Mombasa Shuffle
  6. Mene Man - Wicked Thoughts
  7. Dan The Dan - Wicked Guitar
  8. Jah Rej - Nuclear City
  9. The Outsider - Radiation Leak
  10. Albaroot - Just 'Like' At
  11. Jah Rej - Serious Thing
  12. Mene Man - Save This World
  13. Ras Natural - Good Over Evil
  14. The Kajahnga Family feat. Ital Malk - Land Of The Living
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3

Rej Forte's Jah Works label was one of the first of the new breed of UK dub / roots outfits to release deep spiritual roots music back in the late eighties which tore up roots dances up and down the UK back in the day. After more than a decade by now the Jah Works label still produces original Roots Reggae & Dub music that is distinctive and unique, blending old school values with modern production techniques. The Jah Works Sound is big, atmospheric and full of 'old skool' vibes. Passion and creativity are the key elements reflected in a recording philosophy whereby computers and sequencers are not employed and all instruments (excepting drum machine) are played "live". Jah Works productions and especialy Jah Rejís blistering dub mixes have long been favorites amongst the top UK sound systems, particularly the legendary Jah Shaka. Recently Jah Works has developed its own studio called Seventh Sense, and has moved to another level of creativity, resulting in a plethora of new and exciting material as can be experienced while listening to this compilation set entitled "Messages From The Seventh Sense". Notable vocal cuts that instantly attract attention are Mene Man's "Dub Them" and "Wicked Thoughts", Martin Campbell's Hard On The Rootsman" and Jah Rej Forte's "Nuclear City".
Mene Man is a highly talented, versatile singer and MC whose roots killer "Dub Them" is delivered in fine rootsman stylee. The full sounding original riddim track is just awesome and the additional horns are the icing on the cake!! Although his "Wicked Thoughts" carries a different mood, it's another great contribution delivered in a vocal style reminscent of Horace Andy. At the end of the eighties Rej Forte met Martin Campbell, a fellow reggae-lover/vocalist, who had built his home studio called Channel 1 UK. Since then they have regularly worked together. Martin Campbell's vocal delivery on "Hard On The Rootsman" reminds us of Ini Kamoze. It's an outstanding piece with a vocal performance and lyrics that make a serious impression. "Nuclear City" by Jah Rej is great message tune which incorporates some thoughtful lyrics, a wicked guitar part and a heavyweight sound.
Among the instrumental dubs one finds great tracks such as The Jericho Horns' "Rising", Seventh Sense's "Mombasa Shuffle" and the Outsider's Radiation Leak". The Jericho Horns' "Rising" is a very entertaining instrumental cut with a predominantly deep roots vibe, although at moments it also brings a fine jazzy feel. With "Mombasa Shuffle" Seventh Sense delivers a modest piece which brings to mind Jacky Mittoo's classic "Drum Song". A wonderful track that caresses your eardrums!! The Pablo-esque Radiation Leak" by The Outsider, the instrumental version of Jah Rej's "Nuclear City", matches the vocal cut and thus is worth of hearing. Besides these undisputed highlights one shouldn't overlook solid tracks such as Dan The Dan's "Wicked Guitar", Ras Natural's "Good Over Evil" and the very enjoyable "Land Of The Living" by The Kajahnga Family feat. Ital Malk.
"Messages From The Seventh Sense" is a great compilation set, a must have for all UK roots fans!!

Teacher & Mr. T.