Method To The Madness
Trojan Records
2 CD
August 19, 2005

Track list
Disc 1

  1. Ariwo Dub Rock - Mad Professor & The Dub Revolutionaries
  2. Kunta Kinte - Aquizim & Mad Professor
  3. Nuclear Weapon - Johnnie Clarke
  4. Rasta Pickney - Max Romeo
  5. My Opinion - Pato Banton
  6. Echoes Of Deaf Journalists - Robotiks
  7. The Creator - Aisha
  8. Country Living - Sandra Cross & Wild Bunch
  9. If I Gave My Heart - John McLean
  10. Dread A Who She Love - Macka B & Kofi
  11. True Born African - U Roy (with Sister Audrey)
  12. Kunta Kinte - Horace Andy
  13. The Almighty One - Chukki Star
  14. Wicked Mad - Queen Omega
  15. Hungarian Ghoulash - Mad Professor & Scientist
  16. Niyabinghi - Earl 16
  17. Pan Africanist - Monsoon
Disc 2

  1. Pleasures Of The Dance - Ruts DC & Mad Professor
  2. It's A Dub Dub World - KLF
  3. I Am A Madman Dub Mix - Lee Perry & Mad Professor
  4. Towers Of Dub - The Orb
  5. Watching The Sunset Dub - Jack Adapter
  6. Dub The Sun - The Young Gods
  7. Drifting Along - Jamiroquai
  8. Feminine Gender - Ranking Ann
  9. Sly (Eternal Feedback Dub) - Massive Attack
  10. Dub Mistake - Bim Skala Bim
  11. King Z - Perry Farrell
  12. Tui Dub - Salmonella Dub
  13. 1835 (Unreleased Mix) - Mad Professor
  14. 50 Pence Dub - Crazy Caribs
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : 5
Mad Professor has made so many albums since the late 70ís, it would be very hard to compile a definitive "Best Of" on a double CD set --

From his low key roots / lovers fusions from the severely under rated and talented vocal trio, Intense, to his minor chord Shaka styles from artists like Aisha, and onwards to his severe bass line pressure from the likes of Mafia and Fluxy, not forgetting his conscious ragga styles from another under rated innovator, Chukki Starr -- Neil has undeniably pushed the genre onwards, and the template of what became later known as "uk roots" owes far, far more to him than is often admitted. And many Shaka favourites came out of his studio too.

This is a 2 CD set -- CD 2 it must be said, will probably not prove as satisfying to the roots and culture follower -- but it is clearly designed to showcase the Profís wider musical experimentations, and it succeeds on that level.

CD 1 features the classic "Kunta Kinte", a tune much versioned from its original "Beware Of Your Enemies" incarnation -- Everyone covered this tune, from Soul 2 Soul on to Congo Natty.

The high point of CD 1 however, is the thunderous spiritual wisdom of Aishaís "Give It To Creator", a tune which was a tried and tested Shaka fave, with the man running at least three awesome speaker splintering cuts -- cuts which transformed the consciousness of the listener, so meditative were the vibes. Aisha also did a cut to The Twinkle's "Guide and Protect/Jahovia" for the Professor, though it sadly isnít featured here.

Also worthy is the "Almighty One" tune from Chukki Starr -- donít miss the Mafia and Fluxy dub to this tune, which emerged on a later Prof album.

Mad Professor has cut so many good tunes -- usually with the hallmark of spiritual depth fused with an earthy excitement.

There is much more discovering and vault searching to be done : I for one would truly love to hear the vocal trio, Intense, released once more with vocal and dub, as well as more dubs from Chukki Starr -- It would also have been nice to have some rare cuts to Prof's Mafia and Fluxy dubs included here, which usually featured a truly brain scouring, bizarre bass tone and splintering "zinc metal", spiralling cymbal work-- but this 2bl CD is a good enough place to begin the search.