Various artists album review
Mafia & Fluxy Presents...Music For Lovers Volume 1
Jet Star / Mafia & Fluxy Music

Tracking list

  1. Cornell Campbell - Undying Love
  2. Leroy Mafia - Get You Off My Mind
  3. Johnny Clarke - Do You Love Me
  4. Delroy Wilson - No More Heartaches
  5. Robbie Valentine - Just Be Cool
  6. Santana - Tenderness
  7. Dennis Brown - Why Can't I Touch You
  8. Johnny Osbourne - Love Is Here To Stay
  9. Robbie Valentine - Pride And Joy
  10. Delroy Pinnock - Keep Thinking
  11. John Holt - Let's Get It While It's Hot
  12. Sugar Minott - Full Control
  13. Slim Smith - Just A Dream
  14. Richie Stephens - Love Like This
  15. Pat Kelly - Give Love A Try
  16. Zuruchi - This Love
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4

Dave & Leroy Heywood, dubbed the "UK Sly & Robbie", released the noteworthy roots'n'culture set Mafia & Fluxy Presents...Roots And Culture Volume 1 at the end of 1998. This album contained a fine rootical selection which brings together veteran performances and up-and-coming young vocalists from Mafia & Fluxy's current artist roster. For the "oldies" on this album Mafia & Fluxy have digged deep into the vaults of Bunny Lee, culled vocal tracks from tapes of the golden seventies and expertly rebuilt the riddims underneath.
Their current album Music For Lovers Volume 1 concentrates on the lovers rock side of reggae, defined by John Masouri as "quality songs set to hypnotic reggae beats..music to stir the heart, and that is capable of expressing our own often complex romantic affairs". The artists on this album range from reggae veterans such as the late Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson and Slim Smith, to UK hitmakers Robbie Valentine, former Black Slate member Delroy Pinnock, Santana and two girl vocal group Zuruchi. The latter deliver a smooth version of Doreen Shaeffer's Studio One classic This Love. Furthermore it includes excellent tracks by top vocalists like Lincoln 'Granulated Sugar" Minott, Johnny 'Bumpy" Osbourne and Johnny 'King Of The Version' Clarke.
Some of the tracks (Undying Love, Do You Love Me, No More Heartaches, Why Can't I Touch You, and Let's Get It While It's Hot ) use the original vocal tracks which were voiced in the 70s by Bunny 'Striker' Lee. Mafia and Fluxy have rebuilt the riddims underneath and the result is a refreshing and crisp sound.
Gifted vocalist Robbie Valentine is featured here with two compelling tracks. At this moment he's working on his debut album, which will be released in a couple of months. Stand out tracks on the album are Pat Kelly's Give Love A Try, Delroy Pinnock's Keep Thinking, the ultra sweet Love Is Here To Stay by Johnny Osbourne and Delroy Wilson's remake of the Beltones' No More Heartaches. A wonderful lovers rock set !

Teacher & Mr. T.