Mikaela's Groove Riddim
Bad Wolf Entertainment - Island Entertainment
CD + Bonus Mix-CD
January 30, 2009

Track list
  1. Love Of Jah - Glen Washington
  2. Money - Junior X
  3. Dreaming About You - Iceman
  4. Baby Boo - One Third
  5. My Love 4 U - Christopher Martin
  6. We Can Be Together - El Feco
  7. Time Has Changed - K Melody
  8. You Are The Sun - Percent & Cassanova
  9. Love Is Not A Toy - Skatta
  10. Need Honesty - Althea Hewitt
  11. Praying 4 The People - To-Isis feat. Duane Stephenson
  12. If Only Your Love - M'Lonie
  13. Don't Be Ashamed - Jai
  14. Read Ur Mind - Oliver Smoothe
  15. This Time It's Official - Amique
  16. Pride And Joy - Webly
  17. The Wickedness - Alkatraz
  18. Give Me Hope - Brahvhan Art
  19. Love Story - Sahtah
  20. Mikaela's Groove Riddim - Trevor 'Skatta' Bonnick, Donovan Palmer & Paul 'Titus' Green
CD 2 - Bonus Reggaelution Street Mix
  1. Mikaela's Groove Riddim Street Mix - Reggaelution
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Whatever the inspiration for the name of 'Mikaela's Groove'-riddim might be is totally unimportant, but what is important is that this is a smashing lovers riddim with beautiful saxophone riffs by Trevor 'Skatta' Bonnick (laid together with Donovan Palmer and Paul 'Titus' Green) for the Bad Wolf label he co-owns with Derrick 'Percent' Brown and together they produced 19 excellent vocals on top of this riddim. Studio One veteran Glen Washington kicks off the album with the conscious "Love Of Jah" and newcomer Junior X impresses (again, after last year's "Love" over the 'Trump'-riddim) with the uplifting "Money" before Big Yard's Iceman switches the mood to love with "Dreaming About You". Digicel Rising Stars 2006 winners - the first and only group to have achieved this feat - One Third deliver an excellent love song as well with "Baby Boo" and 2005 Digical Rising Stars winner Chris(topher) Martin does exactly the same with "My Love 4 U".

(US) Solomonic Sound's El Feco contributes the nice "We Can Be Together" followed by K Melody's smooth "Time Has changed" and one of the two owners and producers of Bad Wolf Records Derrick 'Percent' Brown giving us the very nice singer-DJ combination "You Are The Sun" alongside Cassanavo before the other producer/label-owner Trevor 'Skatta' Bonnick, former leadsinger of Bloodfire Posse shows what a great singer he still is with "Love Is Not A Toy". Former backing vocalist (you'd be amazed checking credits on your reggae albums) Althea Hewitt who released her very fine solo-debut in the autumn last year shows here what a wonderful lovers-rock singer she is with "Need Honesty" and then To-Isis featuring former lead-singer Duane Stephenson deliver the smashing "Praying 4 The People".

M'Lonie impressed with several very strong (sometimes rather slack) tunes 3 to 4 years ago but seemed to have disappeared completely back into the dark and what a pity that is makes "If Only Your Love" clear, a truly wonderful song. Heavily soul and gospel-influenced Jai and Oliver Smoothe who lives up to the promises of his name both deliver excellent songs, the conscious "Don't Be Ashamed" and the very well-sung "Read Ur Mind" followed by Amique with the heartfelt left-behind lovers tune "This Time It's Official". The to me completely unknown Webly delivers the very strong "Pride And Joy" and then Alkatraz, who recorded not only already 13 years ago for Steely & Clevie alongside Devonte but also with 'Skatta' Bonnick's Bloodfire Posse deejays against "The Wickedness" that some people possess.

Former Fire House Band guitarist and band leader and guitarist of Bushman's Grass Roots Band Brahyhan Art shows that he is an excellent lovers rock singer as well with "Give Me Hope" followed by Sah-Tah, who did his first recordings in 1983(!) and mysteriously with such a voice never gained widespread recognition and his take on the Carl Sigman / Francis Lai composed "Where Do I Begin" retitled after the movie in which it was introduced in 1970 "Love Story" and the clean version of this brilliant "Mikaela's Groove Riddim" by 'Skatta' Bonnick, Paul 'Titus' Green & Donovan Palmer. And although I think mix-CDs need to contain either dancehall or when it's lovers or roots songs need to contain dubplates, the bonus "Mikaela's Groove Riddim Street Mix" by ReggaeLution compressed the 77 minutes of the original CD into less than half the time needed to listen to all tunes clocking in at 35 minutes sharp. Well-mixed and nice, but no need for it once you already have the main-CD. But that brilliant main CD "Mikaela's Groove Riddim" is an absolute must-buy for every lovers rock aficionado.