Various artists album review
Mi Selecta
PSM Recordings
2 LP
19 - 11 - 2000

Tracking list - Disc 1

  1. New Dealers - Marchin' On Babylon
  2. Easy Star All-Stars - Asylum Dub
  3. Mix Master Mike - Home Invasion
  4. Ces-One - Stop
  5. (Automator Presents...) Coconut Peezer - Higher (Do You Wanta Get?)
  6. Strong Foundation - Fijah
  7. Jr. Robby - Insanity Pepper
  8. biL feat. DJ Quest - Standy's Handout
Tracking list - Disc 2
  1. Westside Chemical feat. Allen Whitman - Unwelcome Jazz
  2. Knowstyle Productions - The Knowstayle Predicament
  3. Jr. Robby - Gettin' Funkny
  4. Kulcha Shok Muzik feat. Wookie J. - Big Up The Children
  5. Rocker-T - All 4 One And 1 In 3
  6. Strong Foundation feat. Rocker-T - Father 1st
  7. Silicon 2 feat. Jamalski - Rinse Out
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

Positive Sound Massive Recordings' "Mi Selecta" is an unique project as it is not the usual kind of compilation set often released to spotlight a label's performing artists. No, this compilation puts the focus on the artist behind the scenes - the producer - as it features tracks from many of the producers the PSM Recordings crew have worked with over the past 8 years of making records. Thus "Mi Selecta" should be regarded a "Producer's Special".
It's obvious that such an approach will lead to a set which incorporates many different styles of music. And indeed, while spinning this album on the turntable one is treated to a little something for everyone as this set spans reggae to hip-hop, yet also spotlights jungle, drum and bass, and a pinch of ambient, acid jazz and breakbeat. It makes "Mi Selecta" an entertaining set for all those who don't limit their musical taste. Most enjoyable tracks are Easy Star All-Stars' "Asylum Dub", Strong Foundation's "Fijah", Jr. Robby's "Gettin' Funky" and Rocker T's "All 4 One and 1 In 3".

Teacher & Mr. T.