Various artists album review
More Bass Than Space
Dubmission Records
2 CD

Tracking list

Disc One : Bass
  1. Tomato Sleuth - Baked Boanz
  2. Bluey - Just One More
  3. Tribal Drift vs. Andy B - Thievery Dub
  4. Steffe - Heart Of Fire
  5. Another Green World - Herbal Remedy
  6. Walter Ego - We're High
  7. V-Neck - Red Eyed Dub
  8. Process - League Of Nations
  9. Etherealites - Creation
Disc Two : Space
  1. Singer And Players vs Assassin - Onu Soundwarped
  2. The Dub Factory - Forbidden Land
  3. Outcast - Virtual Persuasion
  4. Curly Top - Aix Vibration
  5. Woob - 10 Ton Laboratory
  6. Kaleidoscope - Deepwater Black
  7. Blu - Midnight Bazaar
  8. The Knights Of The Occasional Table - Jahmarama
  9. Solar Quest - Anchors In The Mist
  10. Doof - Yesterday's Future
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : - Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5

The London based Dubmission crew has released a mindwarping collection of varied UK dub on a double cd entitled "More Bass Than Space". Just like the "Dubbed on Planet Skunk" album, which was delivered some three years ago, this brand new set contains a blend of styles, sounds and cultures. "More Bass Than Space" finds an array of artists from many different genres further exploring the boundaries of dub. As the people of the Dubmission crew state in their release info sheet... "Dub is the ruler, the guide, the inspiration - dub's arrangements, techniques and basslines can be heard here, in one way or another. This is music under the influence of dub, not just some digital emulation of roots." This set collects mainly extended dub outings, which range from heavyweight deliveries to more modest efforts, thus creating different moods and sound experiences. Recommended for listeners with an open mind and ear!

Teacher & Mr. T.