Various artists album review
Chain Gang ~ Most Wanted
Flynn & Flynn Music
15 - 01 - 2001

Tracking list

  1. Chain Gang - Girls Working
  2. Gaburell Hammer - Live It Up
  3. Johnny Kool - Every Weh Me Go
  4. Don Flash - Burning Fire
  5. Calie Bud & Richie Kanary - When You Get There
  6. W. Spice & Ventura - Ride
  7. Richie Kanary - Player Hater
  8. Lion Face - Don't Let Them Go Further
  9. Capital D - Mommy Mommy
  10. D'Luxx - Love's Taken Over
  11. Prezident Brown - Define The Dough
  12. Tappa - G. Spot
  13. Turner Saw - Ten Ton
  14. Clement Irie - Genuine Love
  15. Ricky & Jimmy Cliff - Harder Than A Rock
  16. Ricky - Freedom
  17. Rahmani King - Suffers Pray
  18. Michael Anthony & Rahmani King - This Life
  19. Osiris - Rain's Sky High
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 3/4 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3

The Chain Gaing's crew "Most Wanted" set gathers 19 tracks from the Chain Gang Crew and its individual members alongside artists who have been associated to Flynn & Flynn Music from Hartford, Connecticut. The Chain Gang Crew is based in Jamaica and consists of singer Richie Kanary and the deejays Don Flash, Johnny Kool and Army Kid. The name Chain Gang refers to to relationship this crew has. Just like a link on a chain, everyone does his part of the work to hold it together. But it doesn't stop in Jamaica as furthermore are involved such artists like Ricky Husband from Brazil (a member of the Jimmy Cliff band), the lady duet D'Luxx, fine singer Michael Anthony and the Spanish deejay Capital D from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The first nine efforts of this compilation set utilize the same riddim track. The brightest sparks over this driving dancehall flavored riddim include Johnny Kool's "Every Weh We Go", W. Spice & Ventura's combination tune "Ride" and Richie Kanary's wicked "Player Hater". After the bashment section the listener is treated to nice tracks by D'Luxx and Prezident, the latter bringing a re-mixed version of his 1995 tune "Defend The Doe", both utilizing the same riddim. Then the pace slows down for a solid delivery by Tappa, followed by Tenor Saw clone Turner Saw whose vocal delivery is underpinned by a full sounding funky reggae groove. UK chatter Clement Irie performs a nice tune before the fine combination Ricky and Jimmy Cliff deliver their excellent tune "Harder Than A Rock", which is followed by Ricky Husband's awesome solo cut "Freedom". Rahmani King delivers a splendid solo effort over a nyabinghi flavored riddim, which gets a welcome reprise as Michael Anthony joines this sweet-voiced female singer in "This Life". Deejay Osiris comes up with a nice rootical track entitled "Rain's Sky High", which actually rounds off a decent compilation set with some noteworthy tunes from mainly unknown artists.

Teacher & Mr. T.