Mr. Bass Man All Stars
Young Tree Records
February 25, 2006

Track list
  1. Mr. Bass Man - Squidley Cole
  2. Danny Brown - Steve Tulloch
  3. Living In A World - Organs
  4. Feel The Vibes - Tennant & Birdy Brown
  5. Rome Get Bun Out - King David
  6. Woman I Love You - King David
  7. Water Me Use And Make Wine - King David
  8. Going Out And Coming In - King David
  9. Better Tomorrow - Scorpion, Joe Mannix & Singer Mikey
  10. Moutn Zion I - King David
  11. Cry Fi Di Youths - Delton Screechie
  12. Bloody Street - David "Jahvid" Gooden
  13. It Takes Two - Cassy Man
  14. Rastaman Chant - Fever Grass
  15. Wise Up - Jolly Stewart
  16. Jimmy Meets Andrew - All Stars
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
With far too many compilations bringing us the usual suspects it's refreshing to have a sampler which includes tracks performed by a bunch of truly talented new artists of whom most reggae followers and fans haven't heard yet. Under the guidance of up-and-coming producer/bassist Andrew "Bassie" Campbell, a veteran bass player who has been the band leader for Yami Bolo and Junior Reid, these artists (accompanied by a vet artist like Delton Screechie) from Kingston, JA, have recorded conscious tunes across fresh original riddims. All riddims are played by real musicians including Earl "Chinna" Smith, Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Lloyd "Obeah" Denton, Nelson Miller, Uziah "Sticky" Thompson, Anthony Thomas, Philip Porter and Wilburn "Squidly" Cole. The latter kicks off this "Mr. Bass Man All Stars" album with a nice tune, "Mr. Bass Man", performed in a vocal style which is reminiscent of Yami Bolo. Next drops the first stand out on this set, Steve Tulloch's wicked "Danny Brown", which is followed by Organs' awesome haunting tune "Living In A World", another great effort delivered by a complete unknown talent. Vocally Tennant & Birdy Brown make clear that they are worth checking out, but lyrically their tune is a rather mediocre piece. Then it's time for King David, a singjay who fully shows that he's definitely the one to watch for in the near future. He contributes no less than five tunes including the roots killer "Rome Get Bun Out" across the "Zion" riddim, the outstanding "Going Out And Coming In", and the spiritual "Mount Zion I, which is underpinned by a wonderful acoustic Nyahbinghi sound. Veteran singer Delton Screechie, already in music business since the 1970s, delivers the solid "Cry Fi Di Youths", for which he utilizes a pinched, wailing vocal style reminiscent of Half Pint. Furthermore it's a joy to listen to above par efforts like "Bloody Street" by David "Jahvid" Gooden, Cassy Man's smooth "It Takes Two" and Jolly Stewart's "Wise Up". The Pablo-esque instrumental cut "Jimmy Meets Andrew" rounds off this highly recommended collection of tunes in fine style!