The Return Of Mudd-Up 2006
CD / 2LP
January 31, 2006

Track list
  1. Man Nah Leave Yuh - Beenie Man
  2. Di Ting - Turbulence
  3. Pon Dis Ya Dick - Vybz Kartel
  4. Good Good A Pressure Dem - Buju Banton
  5. Gal Say Wow - Mad Cobra
  6. She She - CÚCile
  7. Mix Up Medley - Black-Er
  8. Yuh A Di Wife - Mr. Vegas
  9. Weh She Feel Like - Ward 21
  10. Big Broad Hips - Lukie D
  11. Tuck Up - Ninja Kid
  12. Club Tonight - Mr. Easy
  13. Spray Spray Dem - Idonia
  14. Ain't Scared - Sizzla
  15. Gunz Dem A Buss - Buju Banton
  16. Herb Tree - Mr. Vegas
  17. Nuh Dash Weh Belly - Macka Diamond
  18. Do You Wanna War - Future Troubles
  19. Run Him - Lady G
  20. The Return Of Mudd-Up Rhythm - Andre 'Suku' Gray, & Nigel Davey
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
"Greensleeves Rhythm Album #79 ~ The Return Of Mudd-Up 2006" from Byron Murray's In The Streetz stable (like its predecessor 'Bounce' not released in their own Rhythm Streetz series, but licensed to Greensleeves for whatever reason) gives us another riddim out of his new Street Music studio, once again built by Ward 21's Andre 'Suku' Gray, this time alongside Nigel Davey. Joining the current trend, that fully came to blossom with retro-riddim 'Sleepy Dog', slowing the tempo totally in contrast to the then still main trend of extremely fast paced riddims in JA. As well as Steely & Clevie's relick of Hugh 'Redman' James 'Koloko/Tight Clothes'-riddim for Rupert 'Q45' Blake's 'Bad Bargain'-riddim gaining as much attention as the Leftside & Esco relick of Steely & Clevie's 1992 'Giggy/Mama'-riddim, that was presented as 'Throwback Giggy' and their 'Old Truck'-riddim, in fact a late 80s early 90s style interpretation of the Soul Vendor's 1968 Studio One riddim 'Drum Song' as was used in 1991 for Dirtsman's "Hot This Year" and Richard 'Shams' Browne revisiting his own in 1998 at Main Street created 'Baddis', Byron Murray revisits his own retro-riddim. In 2000 his relick of Supercat's famous late 80s "Mud Up" a.k.a. the 'Workie Workie'-riddim after Chakademus 1991 Penthouse tune on the riddim was released as #7 in this Greensleeves Rhythm Album series, with a lot of very fine remixes of tunes that had already appeared on In The Streetz 'Crash' and 'New Ride' riddims and some very entertaining new voicings on it. And now this powerful 2006 version of this so obviously 'Punnany' related riddim is released to mash up the dancehalls. And as we have become accustomed to on the recent batch of relicked versions, enough originals on these tunes are incorporated in the new ones, as Beenie Man uses the melody and twists the lyrics of Chakademus' "Young Gal Business" for his "Man Nah Leave Yuh" as these days fat pum pum gal control Jamaica, followed by a very entertaining slack tune by Turbulence "Di Ting", telling a girl mi want put mi cookie inna yuh jar, of course overhauled for slack content by wordsmith Vybz Kartel in his inimitable style on "Pon Dis Ya Dick" and a very fine "Good Good Pressure Dem" by Buju Banton. Mad Cobra's "Gal Say Wow" is followed by CÚCile's twist on Little Lenny's 1990 tune "Healthy Body" for her excellent "She She" speaking out against gals to easy pop off like button and Black-Er's fine "Mix Up Medley". Vegas is in fine form (as usually for the label he started together with Byron Murray) on "Yuh A Di Wife" as are Ward 21 on their "Weh She Feel Like" and Lukie D who is superb on his tribute to sexy girls with "Big Broad Hips". Ninja Kid borrows his theme from last year's big hit by Leftside & Esco "Tuck In Yu Belly" for his "Tuck Up" rephrasing Supercat's "Mud Up" before Mr. Easy's "Club Tonight" and Mr. Idonia building out his reputation further with "Spray Dem" twisting Chakademus' lyrics to badman business controls Jamaica, Sizzla contributes the fierce "Ain't Scared" and Buju Banton's second tune on the riddim is the impressive "Gunz Dem A Buss". Mr. Vegas goes further back in musical history than even Elephant Man normal does for his second tune on the riddim, as he cops the melody of Dr. Alimantado's 1975 tune "Marriage License" for his ganja tune "Herb Tree". Macka Diamond is speaking out against abortion in the very convincing "Nuh Dash Weh Belly" before Future Troubles warns "Do You Wanna War" and veteran female-DJ Lady G once again shows why she is voicing more tunes recently with the last vocal over this riddim "Run Him" before the power of this extremely entertaining classic riddim is showcased in the clean version of "The Return Of Mudd-Up Rhythm". This is the second time 6 years later that In The Streetz' Byron Murray shows how to relick a classic riddim.