Münster Massive ~ One City - One Family
Starkton Musik
June 14, 2006

Track list
  1. Badness - Dr. Ring-Ding
  2. Research Our Roots - Mackatree Posse
  3. Unsterblich - Flaming Mo
  4. Followers - Irie Miah & The Massive Vibes
  5. Joy - Genuine Colours
  6. Greedy Dog - Papa Jason & Dr. Ring-Ding
  7. Unter Null - Fazetta
  8. Mackatree - Mackatree Posse
  9. Fieber - Runtingz
  10. Old School Baby - Dr. Ring-Ding
  11. Hope - Genuine Colours
  12. Change - Irie Miah & The Massive Vibes
  13. How Far Will They Go - Junior Klapp
  14. Eine Welt - Melchior is in fact Track 15
  15. Tu Te Quedas - Fazetta is in fact Track 14
  16. Dieter Tosh's "Auf'n Letzten Drücka" Dub Mix - Flaming Mo
  17. Greedy Dub - Papa Jason & Dr. Ring-Ding
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 3/4
With the increasing community feel that rose on reggae-party.de reggae and dancehall artists from Münster in Germany linked up as the Münster Massive to release the album "Münster Massive ~ One City - One Family" showcasing the music from both veterans and newcomers from roots reggae to dancehall. The first tune on this very sympathetic and extremely sympathetic priced (I bought my copy for only EUR 4.99 upon its recommendation by reggae shop and reggae-mailorder Irie Records' owner Carlo in Münster. Nothing would be more appropriate than having long-time German ska/reggae/dancehall-don, the Münsteraner rude boy Dr. Ring-Ding delivering the first tune on this disc, his take on Roots Rockers' 'Almost 54-46 a.k.a. Feel Like Jumping'-riddim, "Badness" until now only available as a 45. Up next is the Mackatree Posse who deliver their story since they were founded in 2001 "Research Our Roots" over a nice live played with great horns version of the seminal 1968 Jackie Mittoo penned Soul Vendors classic 'Drum Song'. Timo 'Flaming Mo' Schmitt is one of the two MCs of Goodvibez Soundmashine Soundsystem featured here and although best known for his ganja tunes, his theme in "Unsterblich" succesfully is girls. Irie Miah & The Massive Vibes contribute the thoughtful rootsy "Followers" before the only one year ago founded 10 musicians band Genuine Colours impress with the especially musically with its strings & horns very impressive "Joy" followed by a very fine combination by the two veterans Dr. Ring-Ding and Soul Shake Down Party's Papa Jason backed by the Sharp Axe Band "Greedy Dog". Fazetta is an imaginary person, who will be more extensively presented later, meaning something like 'blinding' in non-European languages, here however used as a phonetic spelling of the Jamaican Patois pronunciation of the bandname Fatsetter, delivering the funny complaint about the German weather "Unter Null". The Mackatree Posse deliver their very nice second tune "Mackatree" followed by Runtingz who are featured with their great take in German (with some snatches in English) on Tenor Saw's seminal "Fever" over King Tubby's 1985 'Tempo'-riddim, literally translated into "Fieber" which was also included on their "Orders! Uno Ready !? (EP)". Dr. Ring-Ding chips in with his 3rd contribution to this compilation, the great till now unreleased "Old School Baby". Genuine Colours's second tune on this album is the slow rootsy sufferers tune "Hope", followed by Irie Miah & The Massive Vibes second tune "Change" highlighting the very different but very well combining singing styles of brothers Fire Time and Brother Rebel. Junior Klapp is the second Goodvibez Soundmashine MC featured, deejaying his conscious "How Far Will They Go" in a convincing manner over the beautiful riddim of Genuine Colours' "Joy". Fazetta's second tune is the estranging but completely working experimental "Tu Te Quedas". Melchior, rapper of Münster's hip hop crew "Die Bude" after 8 years of German rap branches out very successfully to dancehall over the Forty Fyah Crew's 'Shout Out'-riddim speaking out against racism and neo-nazism. "Dieter Tosh's "Auf'n Letzten Drücka" Dub Mix" is a very nice ganja tune which is Flaming Mo's second fine tune, before Dr. Ring-Ding takes not only the honour of opening this album, but the dub of his combination with Papa Jason "Greedy Dog" "Greedy Dub" closes this very entertaining eclectic compilation. Worth hearing and at this price a must buy for all supporting reggae and dancehall at grassroots level.