Naya Sound System Vol. 1
Naya Records
Digital Release
October 15, 2014

Track list
  1. Big Youth - Cast Thy Bread
  2. Mikey General - Can't Fool We
  3. Johnny Clarke - Reggae Train
  4. Frankie Paul - Don't Give Up
  5. Errol Dunkley - My Lady
  6. Prince Theo - Babylon Stress
  7. UT Ras - Juggling
  8. Kiddus I - Illusions
  9. Illusions Dub
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To capture the essence of true Roots music, one has to go to the source. That has been the successful vision of musician/producer Nathan Sabanayagam many times over. After visiting Kingston some 26 times over the last decade, he has connected with absolute Reggae royalty and delivered an amazing set "Naya Sound System Vol. 1". This stunning set is a tour de force and a showcase of his talent linked with the luminaries of King's Music. Sounds of inna de yard in full effect...

Nathan is a Boston based drummer, producer and engineer that dove into Kingston vibrations in 2004 headstrong and has released some serious work. Consider Kiddus I's "Green Fa Life" (2009) and "Grass Yard Productions Vol. 1". Both legendary sets recorded at Earl "Chinna" Smith's yard between 2004-2008 that features the cream of singers and players of instruments. Travelling to Kingston from The East Coast of the United States on a regular basis has cemented serious links that shines through on his vital mixing and production. This new release continues in the same vein.

Big Youth chants in fine style on "Cast Thy Bread". Over a progressive riddim and Dubby atmosphere, we are treated to an absolute treat of Zion proportions. Solid track! The ever reliant Mikey General flows on "Can't Fool We". The riddim is fine with wailing guitar, solid drums and accomplished engineering. Mikey flows righteously and is a smooth as ever. The legendary Johnny Clarke is amazing on "Reggae Train". Evoking memories of his Ariwa work in the early '80s, this is his finest outing in some time. Riding a riddim that features Chinna guitar licks and great percussion, Mr. Clarke truly shows why he is still one of Reggae's true heroes. Standout in all aspects! Mr. "F.P" Frankie Paul is always energizing and he puts forth on "Don't Give Up". Sounding as good as the "Hard Work" sessions, he rides a Rockers riddim that has great backing vox and solid production. Nathan and Frankie link up regally on this instant anthem. The legend has been living in Ghana for some time and it's a pleasure to hear him in top form!

Errol Dunkley (who lives close to Chinna Smith) stops by for the fabulous "My Lady". He evokes so much sweet emotion into this track that's filled with percussion and superior riddimwise. Rewind this track! The dynamic Prince Theo sounds genuinely like Luciano/Dennis Brown on the powerful "Babylon Stress". He delivers an urgent message over a riddim peppered with solid drum, guitar and keys. Hot number! The talented UT Ras delivers hard on "Juggling". This is a futuristic riddim that totally works and the chanter truly depicts the struggle to survive with power and conviction. Boomshot! Nathan and the legendary Kiddus I have developed a long standing link and it's a blessing on "Illusions". Sounding like a track from his overlooked but classic "Topsy Turvy World" album, Kiddus I flows spiritually and wisely over an organic riddim that reminds us of the great "Inna De Yard" sessions recorded in the early 2000's; it's that good. "Illusions Dub" shows us the mastery of Nathan's talent. Each instrument is given due respect and is stripped down to maximum effect.

"Naya Sound System Vol.1" satisfies on all levels. The mysticism of bringing such legendary talent together is an absolute treat. This is the result of a producer/musician's pure Love for King's Musik and every track shows that. It's not too often you'll hear fresh tracks from Errol Dunkley, Frankie Paul and Johnny Clarke on one project! This set is a must for your collection. Highly recommended! GO DEH!

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