Necessary Love
Necessary Mayhem
Digital Release
March 2, 2015

Track list
  1. Curtis Lynch Jr feat. JJ Soulx - Love Came With You
  2. Maxi Priest - Easy Now
  3. Chantelle Ernandez - Dub Me
  4. Kele Le Roc - Even Though Your Gone
  5. Shola Ama - We
  6. Gregory Isaacs - Private Beach Party (Harmony Mix)
  7. Curtis Lynch Jr feat. NY - Take You Away
  8. Dawn Joseph - Kisses & Roses
  9. J.C. Lodge - Where Dreams Are Made
  10. Franz Job - Special Lover
  11. Red Fox & Chico - Be True
  12. Lloyd Brown & Tippa Irie - Stress
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
"Necessary Love", a collection of love songs, is the first reggae album release in 2015 from Curtis Lynch Jr's Necessary Mayhem Records.

Curtis Lynch Jr has long secured himself as one of the best current Record producers in the music industry. Multi platinum recordings with the Gorillaz, productions with Grammy Award winning artist Alicia Keys and remixes with the likes of Oscar winning actor Jamie foxx cement his status as a top music producer. In the past decade Curtis Lynch Jr's brainchild Necessary Mayhem Records has become one of the labels whose releases always have a high quality standard. Besides that it now and then offers some special projects like for example Gregory Isaacs' "Remixed" album.

The late great Cool Ruler, Gregory Isaacs, is also present on this collection, which furthermore features tunes by international acclaimed stars like Grammy-nominated Maxi Priest, J.C. Lodge, Lloyd Brown & Tippa Irie and Red Fox & Chico as well as talented up=and-comers such as JJ Soulx, Shola Ama, NY, Dawn, Joseph and Chantelle Ernandez. All these artists deliver songs that have a smooth, soulful feel with catchy reggae riddims. All tracks have their own merit and are solid lovers tunes. However it are tunes such as Chantelle Ernandez's "Dub Me", Gregory Isaacs' "Private Beach Party (Harmony Mix)" (taken from his "Remixed" album), J.C. Lodge's "Where Dreams Are Made", Franz Job's "Special Lover" across the "Full Up" riddim, and "Stress" by Lloyd Brown & Tippa irie, that are particularly worth hearing more than once.

All in all an enjoyable collection of love tunes.