Necessary Reggae Music
Necessary Mayhem
Digital Release
October 7, 2012

Necessary Reggae - Various Artists Track list
  1. The Mighty Diamonds, Yellowman & Mr. Williamz - Pass The Kouchie
  2. Brinsley Forde - Bubbling
  3. General Levy - Breeze
  4. Maxi Priest & Tippa Irie - Like This
  5. Ziggi Recardo - Pretender
  6. Chantelle Ernandez - My Forever
  7. Shola Ama - Puppy Love
  8. Tarrus Riley - Lala Warriors
  9. Dennis Brown - Let Me Down
  10. Franz Job - I Used To
  11. Tippa Irie - Dancehall Style
  12. Shabba Ranks - No Disrespect
  13. Ziggi Recardo - Ganja Smoke In the Air
  14. Cali P - Herbalist
  15. Top Cat - Sess Weh Yuh Want
  16. Curtis Lynch Jnr - Uncaring
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
If someone lets you hear this collection of tunes, without you knowing the name of the producer, record label and/or the artists, you'd swear that most of the tracks you were listening to were Augustus "Gussie" Clarke's Music Works productions from the period 1987-92. The same vibe, the same sound, the same quality, the same touch! However it isn't "Gussie" Clarke who produced these tunes, but London based producer Curtis Lynch Jnr. With earlier releases, in particular the "Future Cuts" set from early 2012, the latter has shown that he's a huge admirer of "Gussie" Clarke's production style and thus he regularly produces tunes with the same kind of hard hitting, bass heavy driven electro-dancehall riddims.

Things get started with The Mighty Diamonds, who recorded their big international smash hit "Pass The Kouchie" on a relick of Studio One's "Full Up" riddim for "Gussie" Clarke in 1981. Here they present a new version of their signature tune in collaboration with Yellowman and Mr. Williamz. Other herb tunes featured on "Necessary Reggae Music" are the awesome "Ganja Smoke In The Air" by Ziggi Recado across a revitalized version of Tristan Palma's "Joker Smoker" riddim, Cali P aka The Lyrical Fyah's real nice "Herbalist" and Top Cat's wicked and wild "Sess Weh Yuh Want".

Besides the aforementioned tunes there's so much more to enjoy like for example the standout tune "Bubbling" by Aswad member Brinsley Forde, who effortless rides an updated version of an 'old time' riddim in his instantly recognizable style. The same goes for the wickeder General Levy, whose "Breeze" is an exciting remake of the song he originally did for Fashion Records in 1992. Ziggi Recado's "Pretender" on a relick of John Holt's "Police In Helicopter" riddim makes a solid impression, while also Tarrus Riley's "Lala Warriors" is worth hearing. Other reggae veterans that enjoyed notable success with "Gussie" Clarke and, just like the Mighty Diamonds, are present here are the late great Dennis Brown and Shabba Ranks with "Let Me Down" and "No Disrespect" on the "Mad Organ" riddim respectively. Expertly produced Lovers rock hit songs was another great achievement of "Gussie" Glarke, and therefore the inclusion of "My Forever" by the talented Chantelle Ernandez and Shola Ama's "Puppy Love" is an obvious choice.

This is a great compilation set, which fully displays the production skills of Curtis Lynch Jnr. Do check it!