New Name
Higher Bound Productions
February 2, 2009

Track list
  1. In Tro It
  2. Midnite - Come Bust I On
  3. Ancient King - Rasta Deeply Rooted
  4. Jah Rubal - Ancient Orthodox
  5. XKaliba - Judgement Is Coming
  6. Ancient King - Send Dem Come
  7. Midnite - Endless Life
  8. Ancient King - Selassie Deserve My Praise
  9. Xkaliba - Pretty Looks
  10. Inter Link
  11. Jah Rubal - Joker Smoker
  12. Midnite, Ishence, Iaahden, Ancient King, Biblical & J Will - Hit On All Sides
  13. Biblical, Midnite, Ancient King - Good Over Evil
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
In 2007 Midnite's lead vocalist and principle songwriter Vaughn Benjamin joined forces with California's Higher Bound Productions which led to the release of a 13-track album entitled "Bless Go Roun". The hiphop/reggae beats provided by the Higher Bound crew to accompany Vaughn Benjamin's unique vocals and exceptional lyrical delivery made this a worthy album full of twists and turns.

Midnite (read Vaugh Benjamin) is once again featured on a Higher Bound produced album, in this case the compilation set "New Name". Only two solo tracks are featured here (don't know if they were skipped from the setlist for "Bless Go Roun" or if they are coming from later recording sessions), and despite the fact that Midnite has released countless works in a relatively short period of time, it's striking to witness that the quality is always there. The two combination tunes, "Hit On All Sides" and "Good Over All", that also feature Midnite are both matching efforts.

Another artist hailing from St. Croix featured here is singjay Ancient King who contributes three tracks and also takes his part in the two aforementioned combination tunes. The tracks done by himself are worth of hearing with "Rasta Deeply Rooted" and "Selassie Deserve My Praise" being very good tunes. Also from St. Croix comes XKaliba aka Nine Fingers, an artist with a style of his own, but it's how he finds his flow over a riddim that he sometimes reminds us of Macka B. Both XKaliba tunes, "Judgement Is Coming" and "Pretty Looks", are good efforts and a joy to hear. Jah Rubal isn't exactly an artist with an appealing vocal delivery and a natural flow, which makes his tracks less interesting to check out.

All in all this album contains enough good heartical roots music to please the fans of Reggae from the Virgin Islands.