Nice & Ruff Vol. 9: Paparazzi
Heavy Beat Records
Digital Release
May 19, 2015

Track list
  1. Beres Hammond - Paparazzi
  2. Lloyd Brown - Tings A Go Get Hot Tonight
  3. Pressure Busspipe - Mama Never Raise No Fool
  4. Nikesha Lindo - No Better Than That
  5. Ambelique - Ooh Baby
  6. Bob Andy - Can't Separate Me From My Baby
  7. Kashief Lindo - You're My Lady
  8. Sharon Forrester - Musicial Heroes
  9. Screwdriver - Don't Speak From The Heart
  10. The Meditations - There Are Better Days Coming
  11. Ashli Jade - Get Ready
  12. Willie Lindo - I Am Not A Scientist
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Here's the next entry from one of Heavy Beat Records' two riddim series, "Nice & Ruff" (the other is "Reggaematic"). This 9th volume features the sweet "Paparazzi Riddim", which at the moment hits the reggae charts with Beres Hammond's lead track "Paparazzi". If you're a regular follower of veteran producer Willie Lindo's own record label, you know exactly what to expect - old skool brilliance and predominantly tunes in the lovers rock idiom. The "Paparazzi Riddim" is no deviation and neither is its line-up as it includes names of singers that regularly appear on Willie Lindo produced compilation sets. And thus the listener is treated to tunes by artists such as Lloyd Brown, Ambelique, Screwdriver, Beres Hammond and Willie Lindo's son and daughter, Kashief Lindo and Nikesha Lindo.

Beres Hammond delivers his hit song "Paparazzi" in his tried-and-trusted classy style, which - as all reggae fans know by now - implies that there's no need to doubt the quality of his effort. And indeed, the infectious "Paparazzi" is one of the best cuts on the riddim. Then it's time for Lloyd Brown, whose "Tings A Go Get Hot Tonight" is a nice tune, no more no less. Pressure Busspipe makes a far better impression with a solid message tune called "Mama Never Raise No Fool". "Ooh Baby" once again shows that Ambelique is a fine soulful singer, while lyrically "Can't Separate Me From My Baby" isn't exactly the kind of tune that does this veteran singer justice. These kinda tunes suit a crooner like Kashief Lindo much better as he shows with "You're My Lady". Both Screwdriver and The Meditations come up with conscious tunes ("Don't Speak From The Heart" and "There Are Better Days Coming" respectively) worth hearing.

Overall opinion is that more experienced and familiar fans of the genre won't be disappointed.