On-U Sound Crash : Slash And Mix - Adrian Sherwood
ON-U Sound / Beat Records
May 12, 2005

Track list
  1. Dub Syndicate (feat. Lee Perry) - Jungle Pt.4
  2. New Age Steppers - Private Armies Dub
  3. Gary Clail - 2 Thieves And A Liar
  4. Mark Stewart & Maffia - Liberty City
  5. Doctor Pablo - Man Of Mystery
  6. Dub Syndicate - Hey Ho
  7. Dub Syndicate (feat. Lee Perry) - Dubbing Psycho Thriller
  8. African Head Charge - Hole In The Roof
  9. Noah House Of Dread - Stand Firm
  10. Dub Syndicate - Chemical Head
  11. Tackhead - Mind At The End Of The Tether
  12. Prince Far I / Creation Rebel / Bim Sherman - Frontline Version / Tribulation Dub
  13. Congo Ashanti Roy / Singers & Players - African Blood
  14. Prince Far I / Singers & Players - Virgin
  15. Creation Rebel - Beware
  16. Creation Rebel - Creation In A Iration
  17. Noah House Of Dread - Sellassie I
  18. African Head Charge - Conspiring
  19. Mark Stewart & Maffia - Jerusalem
  20. Bim Sherman / Singers & Players - Revolution
  21. New Age Steppers - My Whole World
  22. Mark Stewart & Maffia - Beneath The City Streets
  23. Gary Clail / The Barmy Army - Privatise The Air / Stadium Rock
  24. Gary Clail / Andy Fairley - Half Cut For Confidence / Jack The Biscuit
  25. Mark Stewart & Maffia - These Things Happen
  26. Congo Ashanti Roy / Singers & Players - Breaking Down The Pressure
  27. Creation Rebel - African Space
  28. Bim Sherman - Slummy Ghetto
  29. Creation Rebel - The Dope
  30. African Head Charge - In The Air
  31. African Head Charge - Dinosaurs Lament
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
To long term ONU Sound followers, it is doubtful this album will be indispensible or an essential purchase since it compiles old catalogue material -- and though it is presented as a remix album, a few "woooshes" swirling sounds and "pings" overdubbed here and there on original tracks does not really meet the definition of a remix release.

These overdubs don't really add anything significant to the original tracks. However, it is a playful (sometimes gimmicky) work which also manages to pay serious respect to the depth and value of the ONU catalogue and history.

There is some filler, but hardly a bad track on it -- The mix takes you from ONU's post punk Slits period , with the PIL influenced Vivienne Goldmann/Viv Albertine "Private Armies" composition, originally recorded when John Lydon saved a very young Adrian Sherwood and Goldmann some studio space. Members of John Lydon's PIL and The Slits hammer out this track, which sounds like an outtake from the groundbreaking "Metal Box."

Next stage is represented by The Pop Group/Rip Rig soundalike work, African Head Charge's "Hole In The Roof". This features excellent cross harmonic guitar from The Pop Group's John Waddington and Ornette Coleman style horns fractures from Deadley Headley.

Moving on, the listener is treated to ONU's late 70's roots Rockers rim shot/snare dominated work from Creation Rebel.

The next stage it covers is the early ONU roots output from the likes of Prince Far I and the great Bim Sherman.

Then we find ourselves immersed in the abstract Lee Perry years, with Scratch in a state of apoplexy, proclaiming that these beats will protect you from Satan, or being chased about by any stray vampires. Ok Scratch : sounds reasonable -- fair enough, if he says so-- we will just have to take his word on that one then.

There are some disposable tracks here-- since this selection is taken from a 25 year old back catalogue, that is inevitable -- you can't please every listener, consistently, with every track with a showcase promotional sampler album like this. Looking back over the years it is debatable whether the "electro funk" of Gary Glail/Tackhead has stood the test of time -- and whether Bonjo I really was an ideal choice of vocalist -- but that is for you to decide!

The album winds down with a very worthy remix of the elegiac and haunting African Head Charge composition, "In the Air", cut and spliced with some new vocal edits. The majestic "Dinosaurs Lament" from the amphetamine and acid tinged "Environmental Studies" album closes this selection.

This one is for diehard ONU Sound completists and relative newcomers who want a reliable overview and introduction to the strange pleasures and distortions of AMS's label.