Album review
Oracabessa One
Various Artists
Oracabessa Records

Tracking list

  1. Tony Curtis - Party Time
  2. Elephant Man - Run Lef Dem Drawers
  3. Roundhead - My Life
  4. Lady Saw - Freak Break
  5. Scare Dem Crew - Hot Gal Time
  6. Monster Shack Crew - True Lover
  7. Mr. Vegas - Western End
  8. Don Yute - Golden Rose
  9. Mad Cobra - Strong Man
  10. Harry Toddler - Own Clothes
  11. Hawkeye - Be Good
  12. General B - Tell Him Fi Go
  13. Chrissy D & Lady G - Girls Like Us
  14. Jack Radics - Groove Thing
  15. Culture Black - Under Mi Guinness
  16. Rappa Robert - Keep The Peace
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

"Oracabessa Records" is the new label of Ali Campbell and Brian Travers, both known as leadsinger and sax player of UB40. Working from their studio in Oracabessa, St. Mary, Jamaica and Birmingham, U.K., here is the first result of their production activities. They managed to get some of the hottest names in the dancehall industry in the studio. The basic tracks for their riddims have been laid back home in Birmingham by their sons and were overdubbed in Jamaica with Robbie Shakespeare on bass. Though it sounds a bit different than the regular dancehall sound, the music has a nice vibe. You can find some great tracks on it like Mr. Vegas' Western End, Keep The Peace by Rappa Robert, Scare Dem's Hot Gal Time, Monster Shack's True Lover and on the same riddim Be Good by Hawkeye. The mix has been done by Ali, Brian and Mixing Lab veterans "Bulby" & "Fatta". Some of Ali's an Brian's mixes could have been much tighter as for example the Roundhead track which has to much FX on the voice. A pity that only four tracks have been released on strictly limited edition 7" single. To hype the Vegas and Tony Curtis track the label released them in a raw speedgarage remix done by Birmingham based B-15 Project, again available on strictly limited white label promo. A nice compilation, definitely wortwhile to check out.

Danny "Pepperseed" Bouten