Pow Pow Productions
October 14, 2005

Track list
  1. Nah Go Cry - Beenieman
  2. Celebrate - Turbulence
  3. Gentleman - Runaway
  4. Call Me On The Telephone - Daddy Rings
  5. Right Now - General Degree
  6. Hill Vibes - Jah Mason
  7. Never Diss My Lady - Mr. Easy
  8. Life Nice - Determine
  9. Gal Shout - Danny English
  10. Tell Me What You Got - Richie Stephens
  11. Ene Moi - Sudsoundsystem
  12. Vas A Correr - Tapon
  13. Ragga To The Bone - Daddy More
  14. Faya Boum Boum - Da Maniak
  15. C'est La Gal - Uman
  16. Celebrate Version
  17. Celebrate Megamix
    Video Bonus
  18. Gentleman - Runaway - Video
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
This year the mighty Pow Pow Movement celebrated their 15th anniversary and over the past 3 years they have made a big impression with their productions, the here featured 'Celebrate', the outstanding new version of Leslie Kong's riddim used for Desmond Dekker's big international archetypical rude-boy summer hit from 1967, fully benefiting from a clear, bouncing sound and authentic touch 'Shanty Town (Double 'O' Seven)', the wicked live one-drop-riddim 'Blaze', the superb 'Superior'- riddim, and their latest riddim, aimed at the bashment massive 'Gladiator'. These productions, except for 'Celebrate' resulted in 4 excellent one riddim sets, "Shanty Town", "Blaze", "Superior" and "Gladiator". Now the lack of a 'Celebrate' one riddim sampler is made up for, and no matter it being a riddim that is over 3 years old, and four of these tracks did appear in 2002 on "Shining Stars", this is a very welcome addition to the releases that already appeared. Besides the first 10 great tunes that already appeared as 7"s on this infectious up-tempo riddim which incorporates a nice Spanish style guitar picking and athmospheric strings, we're treated to new versions by Italy's Sudsoundsystem with the fine "Ene Moi", the stunning Spanish version of "Runaway" "Vas A Correr" by Costa Rican(!) Tapón, France's Daddy Mory, born to a father from Mali and mother from Martinique, former member of the in the late 90s two strong albums releasing duo Raggasonic, with the fine "Ragga To The Bone", Da Maniak from Cayenne, French Gyana with the fierce "Faya Boum Boum" and Belgium's finest, Uman, the MC of Brussels soundsystem Bass Culture Sound and (former?) member of rap group Lickweed with "C'est La Gal". The clean "Celebrate Version" is a treat, making clear how well crafted this debut production by Pow Pow's Ingo Rheinbay 3 years ago is, and as an extra not only a 9:41 "Celebrate Megamix" is included, but also the video of Gentleman's wicked "Runaway". With all the French new tunes on the riddim, I can only say: "Chapeau!", this is a one riddim album that should be in your collection right next to the other Pow Pow productions.