Overdub Riddim
Al.Ta.Fa.An Records
Digital Release
February 24, 2015

Track list
  1. Gentleman & Nakeisha - Cruzin'
  2. Micah Shemaiah - Dance And Rock Steady
  3. Oceana - Why
  4. Sara Lugo - Without You
  5. Marcia Sealy - Rasta Love With Vibes
  6. Glen Washington - Love One Another
  7. Jesse Royal - Set It Straight
  8. Torch - When The Cup Overflow
  9. Bob Andy & Mark Wonder - Can't Stand This
  10. Rebellion The Recaller - Face The Fact
  11. Overdub Riddim
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Total votes : 2
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Vocals : 4 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 4/5 Sleeve : 4
In the past decade or so, the Jamaican record label Al.Ta.Fa.An, led by producer Anthony Senior, has brought the avid reggae fan riddims such as "Security", "Kiana", "Tsahai" and "Immigration", as well as solid full length albums like Luciano's "The Qabalah Man", Junior Kelly's "Piece Of The Pie" and Mark Wonder's "True Friends". And now Al.Ta.Fa.An unleashes its brand new roots juggling entitled "Overdub Riddim", which was first used for the June 2014 released Gentleman & Nakeisha single "Cruzin".

Over the years Anthony Senior has several times worked with German reggae star Gentleman and produced fine tunes such as "Different Places", "Strange Things", and the collaboration with Anthony B called "Face Off". Also "Cruzin" sees Gentleman teaming up with a Jamaican artist. This time it's sweet-voiced Nakeisha who vocally shines alongside Gentleman, with both artists making this album opener a real nice tune to listen to. Although the name Micah Shemaiah may not ring a bell, he's certainly a singer to watch for in the near future as he proofs with his cut "Dance And Rock Steady". Also keep an eye on Oceana, a German songstress who has a history as an actress and a dancer, and musical roots embedded in soul, reggae, hip hop, and funk. She shows potential with her lovers piece "Why", while the other German artist, Sarah Lugo, affirms that she hardly ever fails to make a good impression. And then there's Marcia Sealy, another rather unknown artist, who delivers the huge "Rasta Love With Vibes". Great tune and a joy to listen to over and over again.

The next five vocal cuts for the riddim are delivered by artists whose names are definitely better known among a wider audience than - with the exception of Gentleman - the previous ones. Veteran Glen Washington is in good shape and his cultural effort, "Love One Another", is one of the highlights here. Jesse Royal, one of the prominent players in the so-called roots-reggae revival movement in Jamaica, comes up with the matching "Set It Straight", a song full of consciousness delivered in the singer's inimitable style. Also Torch is a conscious reggae artist worth checking out and with "When The Cup Overflow" he delivers a solid effort throughout. Teaming Bob Andy with Luciano a few years ago was a good move from Anthony Senior as it led to the release of their great roots anthem "Create Our History". Now he has recorded Bob Andy in collaboration with the underrated Mark Wonder, but unfortunately their Can't Stand This doesn't live up to what one might expect from these two fine artists. Rebellion the Recaller, a dynamic young uprising reggae singer from Gambia but living in Germany, contributes the decent "Face The Fact", while for many fans of juggling sets a true joy to have the instrumental version of the riddim as well.

Overall opinion is that this "Overdub Riddim" is another well done juggling set coming from Al.Ta.Fa.An. Records.