Overstand Riddim
Pow Pow Productions - Groove Attack
May 25, 2007

Fantan Mojah featuring I-Ford - Overstand Track list
  1. Jah Jah You Are The One - Fantan Mojah feat. I-Ford
  2. Genuine - Rebellion & The Suns Of Light
  3. Protect & Care - Bescenta
  4. Vibes Murderer - Gentleman feat. Tamika
  5. Fighting For Power - Ginjah
  6. One Day - Alborosie
  7. You're Your Heart - Jah Mason
  8. Give Thanks - Ray Darwin
  9. Your Love - Elijah Prophet
  10. Smile With The World - Mark Wonder
  11. Times Hard - Ziggi
  12. My Only Friend - Norrisman
  13. Road Of Life - Anthony B.
  14. Back To Ethiopia - Steve Machete
  15. Burn Dem Red - Zareb a.k.a. Mr. Flash
  16. Loose Your Soul - Khari Kill
  17. Smuggling Weed - Teacha Dee
  18. Jah Is Love - Tenna Star
  19. Schriibe - Phenomden
  20. Overstand Version - Ingo Rheinbay
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Total votes : 27
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Germany's most popular soundsystem the mighty Pow Pow Movement in the last couple of years have made a big impression with their productions, 'Celebrate', the outstanding new version of Leslie Kong's riddim used for Desmond Dekker's big international archetypical rude-boy summer hit from 1967, fully benefiting from a clear, bouncing sound and authentic touch 'Shanty Town (Double 'O' Seven)', the wicked live one-drop-riddim 'Blaze', the superb 'Superior'- riddim, the aimed at the bashment massive 'Gladiator' and 'First Sight'. These productions, resulted in 6 excellent one riddim sets, "Shanty Town", "Blaze", "Superior", "Gladiator", "Celebrate" and last year's "First Sight".

And now, after the in my opinion unjustified only lukewarm response to the tough bashment dancehall 'Gladiator'-riddim and 'First Sight' Ingo Rheinbay has turned his attention once more to modern roots, clearly inspired by the sound of recent big one drop and acoustic guitar riddims like 'Istanbul', 'Tropical', 'Drop Leaf', 'Seasons' and 'Heavenly', with this riddim digitally pre-produced in Cologne and laid live in Jamaica.

Fantan Mojah & I-Ford with their album opener "Jah Jah You Are The One" provide the biggest tune of the selection, but Rebellion & The Suns Of Light are close behind with their "Genuine". Bescenta's "Protect & Care" isn't half as convincing, he's three years after making his debut still too much a hit and miss artist in my opinion, but 'Pow Pow's own' Gentleman more than makes up for that alongside Tamika with "Vibes Murderer" which could if quickly released as (CD-)single still become a massive summer hit.

Ginjah's "Fighting For Power" is followed by upcoming big artist Alberto D'Ascola a.k.a. Alborosie, the Italian singer living in Jamaica now taking the reggae scene worldwide by storm, whose "One Day" will certainly help him on that route, Jah Mason's nice "Open Your Heart" and Ray Darwin the Jamaican artist from Germany's Hamburg - building upon the acclaim his surprise hit "People's Choice" over TAD's 'Mean Girl / I Need A Roof' gained him - impresses over this 'Overstand'-riddim as well with his "Give Thanks". Elijah Prophet always excels over Pow Pow riddims and his "Your Love" is no exception and the same can be said of Mark Wonder usually, but his "Smile With The World" is a bit disappointing to me.

Ziggi, who has been releasing strong tune after strong tune since he recorded the excellent "Blaze It" over Massive B's 'Come Around'-riddim following the re-release in Germany of his very fine debut album "So Much Reasons" chips in with one of the stronger tunes on the riddim "Times Hard" a.k.a. "Move Hard", followed by Norrisman's lovers tune "My Only Friend", Anthony B.'s "Road Of Life" and Steve Machete's fine repatriation tune "Back To Ethiopia". New upcoming Jamaican roots singer Zareb (a.k.a. Mr. Flash) is also impressive with "Burn Dem Red" as are Trinidadian bobo chanter Khari Kill with his conscious warning "Loose Your Soul" and Jamaican singer Damian Warren a.k.a. Teacha Dee with his entertaining "Smuggling Weed".

Newcoming sweet voiced UK singer Tenna Star presents his "Jah Is Love" convincingly and Swiss singjay Phenomden who always delivers strong tunes is in fine form here with his "Schriibe" as usual in the impossible to understand Swiss dialect of German SchwytzerdŁtsch. The clean "Overstand Version" closes this fine set, and if you're curious what the riddim and tunes sound like, you can hear the 'Overstand Megamix' here. This selection certainly has enough gems to buy it, but I think it's a bit less impressive than its 6 predecessors ...