Party Time & Take A Lick Riddims
Irie Ites Records
September 18, 2010

Track list
  1. Leroy Sibbles - Party Time
  2. Natty King & Spectacular - Sweet Jamaica
  3. Sizzla - Frenz For Life
  4. Glen Washington - Jah Love Holding Firm
  5. Zanda P - Happy Days
  6. Ilements - Free Up The Herbs
  7. Mafia & Fluxy - Party Time Riddim
  8. Lorenzo - Movin' Ahead
  9. Lutan Fyah - Take A Lick
  10. Perfect - Give Jah Praise
  11. Chezidek - Same Thing
  12. Anthony John - Speedy Change
  13. Sena - Heavens Gate
  14. Oba Simba - Man A Warrior
  15. Nature - Lego The Devil
  16. Keefaz - Mama Africa
  17. Mafia & Fluxy - Take A Lick Riddim
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Total votes : 14
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
The latest 'riddim set' from French roots producers Irie Ites features an update of the Heptones classic "Party Time" riddim from their Studio One days along with the fresh -- although somewhat familiar sounding -- "Take A Lick" riddim, both built by the Heywood brothers aka Mafia & Fluxy, who were also responsible for the "Zion", "Rocking Time", "Borderline", "Down In Jamaica", "Strange Things", and "Only Solution" riddims that previously appeared in the label's ongoing 'riddim' series.

It's Leroy "Heptone" Sibbles himself, the creator of the original riddim, who gets things started with a nice updated version of "Party Time". Then it's time for real new tunes across the riddim with the duo Natty King & Spectacular delivering the extended "Sweet Jamaica" in which they express their love for the Island by summing up all the niceness one can experience when visiting Jamaica. Sizzla comes up with a very nice lovers tune called "Frenz For Life", which is followed by Glen Washington's excellent "Jah Love Holding Form". Zanda P and Ilements are rather unknown names who have been given the opportunity to showcase their skill and talent on the riddim. It's Ilements who makes the best impression with the inevitable herb song "Free Up The Herbs". Then the first segment of the cd is rounded off with Mafia & Fluxy's clean version of the "Party Time" riddim.

Lorenzo's "Movin' Ahead", title track of his strong rootsy debut album, kickstarts the second part of this set. It's the riddim of this great tune called "Take A Lick", that has been voiced by popular modern roots artists like Lutan Fyah, Chezidek and Perfect alongside much promising talents such as Sena, Oba Simba and Nature. In recent years it seems like Lutan Fyah hardly ever fails to deliver a good tune and "Take A Lick" is no exception. However it's Perfect's big tune "Give Jah Praise" that leaves a serious impression and outmatches Lutan Fyah's piece. And also Chezidek's lovers tune "Same Thing" along with Anthony John's "Speedy Change" maintain the quality throughout. All in all these four songs make up a very strong part of this compilation. Vocally and lyrically Sena is in real good shape, which makes her "Heavens Gate" worth hearing. Oba Simba's "Man A Warrior" is a decent effort, while Nature delivers an above par tune. "Mama Africa" by French artist Keefaz sounds nice, but if you're not familiar with the French language it's hard to understand the man's lyrics.

Almost every cut for the "Take A Lick" riddim as well as a few quality tunes on the "Party Time" riddim are great to hear, which makes this cd well worth purchasing.