Petty Thief
CD / 2LP
April 4, 2006

Track list
  1. 2 Much Gun - Busy Signal
  2. Talk To Me - Buju Banton
  3. Full Up Of Grass - Bling Dawg feat. Vybz Kartel & Bounty Killer
  4. Murderer - Macka Diamond
  5. Peace - Wayne Marshall
  6. Kutchie Cup - Perfect
  7. Wild Shot - Elephant Man
  8. Slang Slang (Killer Angry) - Bounty Killer
  9. Politics - Vybz Kartel
  10. Mama Say - Movado
  11. Freedom Speech - Red Rat
  12. Dis Man And Nuh Know - Delly Ranx
  13. Double Xplosion - Pinchers & Jagwa
  14. We No Afraid Of Dem - Degree
  15. Watchie Watchie - Chico & Taz
  16. One A Dem - Mr. Vegas
  17. Trek Weh Yuhself - Predator
  18. Watch Ya Flez - New Kidz
  19. Plenty Gun - Mr. Lex
  20. Spent Shell - Shan-O
  21. Feel The Vibe - Teflon
  22. Petty Thief Rhythm - Daseca
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Michael 'DJ Liquid' Brissett returns for his own H20-label with a third riddim after 2004's 'Slow Bounce' and the very entertaining 'Hello Moto'-riddim with the scorcher 'Petty Thief', based on Buju's debut "Man Fi Dead" a.k.a. "Informer Fi Dead" over the Penthouse version of Dave Kelly's seminal 'Action'-riddim, that had Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland with the title-cut on Dave Kelly's Madhouse cross-over into the mainstream charts. And althouth some might claim the trend starting with 'Sleepy Dog', a 'retro'-riddim, slowing the tempo totally in contrast to the then still main trend of extremely fast paced riddims in JA by Steely & Clevie, followed by their relick of Hugh 'Redman' James 'Koloko/Tight Clothes'-riddim for Rupert 'Q45' Blake's 'Bad Bargain'-riddim, the Leftside & Esco relick of Steely & Clevie's 1992 'Giggy/Mama'-riddim that was presented as 'Throwback Giggy, 'Workie Workie. And then again Steely & Clevie's own 'Old Truck'-riddim, in fact a late 80s early 90s style interpretation of the Soul Vendor's 1968 Studio One riddim 'Drum Song', and the mighty 'Punnany' has gone downhill already, this is proof of the contrary. Now Craig 'Daseca' Marsh - who built the 'Mad Guitar' alongside and for Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett, and helped building Michael 'Alozade' Sterling, together with riddim builders 'Computer' Paul Henton, Ernesto 'DJ X' Mitchell, Carlton Hugh 'Renegade X' Williams and Daniel 'Blaxxx' Lewis, his 'Chrome'-riddim before enjoying success with the 'Anger Management'-riddim on his own Daseca-label - rebuilt the riddim for Brissett's H2O, who then produced the heap of great tunes over it, like Busy Signal's excellent "2 Much Gun" kicking off this set at a speed almost rivalling the mid 80s UK MC speed-rapping/fast-chatting style and Buju Banton's "Talk To Me" is hardly slowing the pace of delivery and maintaining the same high level of impact of the tune itself. So is "Full Up Of Grass" on which Bling Dawg doesn't even need the cameos by Vybz Kartel & Bounty Killer. Macka Diamond, whose debut album finally has hit the stores, delivers the wicked "Murderer" speaking out against abortion in a not too subtle way, but with great conviction, while Wayne Marshall continuous to ride the righteous reality path he so often takes these days bawling out for "Peace". Perfect once more shows how extremely at ease he is deejaying at fast pace, and how easily he stays in control of the riddim on his excellent "Kutchie Cup". Elephant Man warns that badman no fire "Wild Shot" before Bounty Killer in his "Slang Slang (Killer Angry)" spills his wrath and is joined by Vybz Kartel's about "Politics". Movado continues his streak of impressive tunes in 2006 with "Mama Say" and Red Rat is in fine form as well as he urges for real "Freedom Of Speech" for Jamaicans in general and reggae/dancehall artists especially. Delly Ranx has recently revived his own DJ-ing career together with the release of his 'Red Bull & Guinness'-riddim and continues to deliver fine tunes with "Dis Man And Nuh Know". Pinchers has been more active and moreover successfull in the last year than he has been over the last couple of years, and he is joined here for the impressive "Double Explosion" by Jagwa. Degree is someone who almost never disappoints when he is voicing a riddim, but although "We No Afraid Of Dem" is far from a weak tune, it's far from a stand-out as well. Chico & Taz cleverly use the melody of Ernest Wilson's great 1967 Studio One scorcher "Money Worries" for their very catchy "Watchie Watchie", followed by Mr. Vegas' "One A Dem", Predator's "Tek Weh Yuhself", New Kidz' "Watch Ya Flex" and the excellent "Plenty Gun" with a spot-on delivery by Mr. Lex. Shane-O's "Spen Shell" seems to be a fine attempt to beat Busy Signal's delivery for speed and Teflon's nice "Feel The Vibe" is the last vocal on this brilliant relick of a brilliant riddim that is featured as the clean "Petty Thief Rhythm" as well to round off a set that screams for a PULL-UP! Old time something come back again indeed!!