Prince Fatty Versus The Drunken Gambler
Mr. Bongo
Digital Download
November 2, 2012

Prince Fatty Versus the Drunken Gambler - Prince Fatty Track list
  1. Horseman- Kung Fu Battle Ina Brixton
  2. Winston Francis & Dennis Alcapone - Ali Baba
  3. Hollie Cook/Horseman - For Me You Are
  4. Horseman - The Flasher
  5. Hollie Cook - And The Beat Goes On
  6. Horseman & Hollie Cook - Got Your Money
  7. Winston Francis - Go Find Yourself A Fool
  8. George Dekker - Say What You're Saying
  9. Dennis Alcapone - Ba Ba Ri Ba Skank
  10. George Dekker & Dennis Alcapone - Wet Dream
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
"Old Time Sing Ting Come Again". Yes, that's what is happening right now. The Reggae fraternity is embracing the Golden Age of Reggae Musik with full force and authenticity. One of the leaders in this exciting trend is Prince Fatty. This multi-talented producer/engineer/sound system operator has just released the magical "Prince Fatty Versus The Drunken Gambler".

Prince Fatty (Mike Pelanconi) is a London/Brighton based music maker that has been rising through the ranks since the mid 1990's. Styling his name and method after the late King Tubby, he has worked with everyone from Dub Syndicate to Luciano to Gregory Isaacs and the immortal Little Roy. His production work on Little Roy's "More From A Little" drew many accolades. In 2005, clothing line Stussy approached Prince Fatty to come up with a 7" that captured vintage Jamaican vibes. The resulting "Nina's Dance" became an instant hit that prompted further demand. Prince Fatty answered...

The producer assembled a tight team of seasoned vocalists and players of instruments to create a full length album the old fashioned way. "Survival Of The Fattest" was a great success; boasting the vocals of Little Roy, Dennis Alcapone and Hollie Cook. Backing vox were provided by ex-Pioneer George Dekker. The truly authentic riddims were provided by Style Scott, Bukky Leo, Horseman and legendary keyboardist Carlton Ogilvie. All recorded using analog equipment and vintage techniques. The follow up, "Super Size" was another huge success with the addition of Black Steel and Mafia. While revisiting vintage Reggae, Hip Hop was reinvented to success.

"Prince Fatty Versus The Drunken Gambler" is a treat from start to finish! It is a showcase of sorts of the tunes that Prince Fatty plays on his Sound System nights around London area. The musicians have changed a bit on this show with Fish, Black Steel, Mafia and even Jah Mel on bass, Horseman handles drums except for Sly Dunbar on the opening track. Bukky Leo has been expertly replaced Scott Baylis, Max Grunhardt and Will Rumfitt on horns. Adrian McKenzie helps out Bubblers Ogilivie on keys. Kind of like Singer and Players method; a base unit with visiting musicians sitting in. This concept was recorded and mixed by Prince Fatty at The Ironworks in Brighton.

Kung Fu Battle Ina Brixton kicks off with Sly juggling the drums like no other. Horseman toasts as well as he drums and he playfully depicts his Brixton youth on top of a bouncing vintage riddim and tasty sound fx. Ali Baba is expertly recreated by legendary Winston Francis and the timeless DJ Alcapone. They complement each other well on top of a sound system twist inna vintage dubplate style. Brings back memories of Studio One. The crisp horn section nices up For Me You Are, a 1940's Andrews Sisters song. Hollie Cook rides the organic riddim inna silky fashion alongside mad skills from Horseman. The Flasher is a true story chatted by Horseman that truly shows the genius of Mr. Ogilvie on the Hammond. Today's answer to the late Jackie Mittoo! The Whispers' And The Beat Goes On gets truly royal treatment from Holly Cook. She has matured so much over the years. A highlight tune; the tempo was cut in half and filled up with a priceless Black Steel bassline, Ogilivie in full force and Horseman showing why he is one of U.K's most sought after drummers.

Prince Fatty revisits Old Dirty Bastard's Got Your Money and gets it right! A totally irie rendition with Horseman having a good time. Play dis one loud. Go Find Yourself A Fool was originally recorded by Mr. Francis as teenager in one take on the way to the airport. Decades later, 'Mr.Fixit' revisits this monster to perfection. He possesses a voice of Ken Boothe caliber. His voice is accentuated by an authentic Rocksteady riddim -- big up! Ex-Pioneer George Dekker has quietly lent his voice to countless songs and has been a Prince Fatty for some time. He is front and center on Say What You're Saying. A precise falsetto on top of a solid foundation riddim with wicked reverb and delay the way King Tubby used to do. Mr. Dekker is still musically dangerous! Ba Ba Ri Ba Skank was one of the first DJ cuts to hit big back in the day. The original vocal by Glen Parker is nicely mashed by Winston Francis and Dennis Alcapone really rocks this one that put him on the charts so many years ago. Max Romeo's 1971 Wet Dream created quite a stir (Thank you Bunny Lee for taking that chance) and remains a cornerstone anthem. 2012's revisit shows the skills of George, Alcapone and Horseman blending nicely on top of a beautifully re-done riddim and nice Dub fx-mesmerizing.

Anything with the Prince Fatty imprint is guaranteed to please. His latest is his greatest so far. Blessed the best in the business, every song oozes authenticity but no rigidity. Prince Fatty allows all involved to 'move' around, if you will. Over his last few efforts, Prince Fatty and crew have expertly reinvorgorate the appeal of the Golden Age Of Reggae. Legions of fans old and new flock to see him in action and to see him or associated vocalists live is essential. Get this release even if you have never heard of Prince Fatty. Essential to your collection.