Various artists album review
Platinumjam 2000
Platinum/Walboomers Music
18 - 07 - 2000

Tracking list

  1. Wayne Wonder - Keep Them Coming
  2. Frisco Kid - What You Up To
  3. Chico - Yuh Nuh Care
  4. Shaggy - Girls File
  5. Lady Saw Dial Tone
  6. Beenie Man & Mr. Easy - Haters & Fools
  7. Frankie Sly - Haters Anthem
  8. Baby Cham - Can I Get A ...
  9. Baby Cham & Bounty Killer - Another Level
  10. Alias - Holiday
  11. Spragga Benz - Can't Get No Gal
  12. Baby Cham - Ghetto Pledge
  13. Bounty Killer - Look
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

From one of Jamaica's hottest producers Dave Kelly comes this continuous mix album that employs a variety of artists riding two of Dave Kelly's most wanted riddims : the 'Millennium Bug' riddim and the almost similar 'Clone' riddim. The flawless mix contains lots of shouts, repetitive snatches of songs and soundeffects, thus creating a unique and compelling soundmixture. The (re-)mix has been created by Collin Hines who was assisted by Mario and Delano 'Baddable'.
Mixed end to end nonstop, it's interesting to hear singers and deejays step up to the mic one after another as they often do in a dancehall situation. On the album you'll find well known hit tunes such as Wayne Wonder's wicked "Keep Them Coming", Bounty Killer's modern anthem, "Look" and the awesome combination song "Haters & Fools" from Beenie Man and Mr. Easy. The unstoppable Lady Saw gets a grab on the riddim with her phone anthem "Dial Tone". Baby Cham is featured several times in the mix and his tunes are among the strongest on the album and also Spragga Benz's contribution to the mix is one of our favorite parts of the album. Not included on the tracklisting is the opener of this album, which happens to be a nice 5:45 lasting "MegaMix" of all tunes - as well as some vocal slices of pieces that were delivered on other Dave Kelly produced riddims - on the 'Bug/Clone' riddim, before it bursts into the 'extended' continuous mix.
Although the total playing time is no longer than 31:34, the album is pure Dancehall pleasure and 100% satisfaction is guarenteed ! So check it out and judge for yourself.

Teacher & Mr. T.