Polski Ogién ~ 20 Polish Reggae & Dancehall Tunes
Germaican Records Polska - Warner Music Poland
June 20, 2006

Track list
  1. Konstytucje 2006 - Lech Janerka, Sidney Polak & Junior Stress - 'Money Bag'
  2. Sila Ognia - Marika - 'Doctor's Darling'
  3. Sensimillia - Bob One & Da Bass - 'Opium'
  4. Gyal Na Medal - Pablopavo & Reggeanerator - 'Electric Boogie'
  5. Balagan - Deer - 'Cure'
  6. Sen De La Chica - Jr. Stress & Tony Junior B.I.G. - 'Messer Banzani'
  7. Ognia Nie Gascie - Grizzlee & Cheeba - 'Burning'
  8. Bus 77 - Mista Pita - 'U Turn'
  9. Dancehall - Natural Dread Killaz - 'Pharaoh'
  10. What's Ya Flava - Marika - 'Curefix'
  11. W Strone Swiatla - Ras Luta - 'High Noon'
  12. Boom Na Babilon - Mesajah (NDK) - 'Rodeo'
  13. Smietnik - Mista Pita & Lady Mocca - 'Typhoon Refix'
  14. Mammona - Cheeba - 'Nasty Dawg'
  15. Strach - Olamonola & Madmike - 'Tragedy'
  16. Piekni Ludzie Piekny Swiat - Ras Luta - 'Money Bag'
  17. Zmiany - Grizzlee - 'Money Bag'
  18. Bedzie Dobrze - Silesian Sound - 'Money Bag'
  19. Kiedy Nie Mysle O Niczym - Jr. Stress - 'Money Bag'
  20. Rudebwoy Anthem - Ill Inspecta - 'Money Bag'
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
"Polski Ogién ~ 20 Polish Reggae & Dancehall Tunes" is in fact a spin-off of Germaican Records' groundbreaking project "Riddim Stars ~ Rodeo Europe" on which 20 artists from 20 countries in 18 different languages were riding Seeed's 'Rodeo'-riddim. The successful cooperation on the Polish leg of that project has now resulted in Germaican's Pionear teaming up with Love Sen-C Music's selector Silver Dread and Polish record label Tam Tam Records for this Germaican Records Polska, in association with Warner Music Poland released, album "Polski Ogién" meaning the "Polish Fire", featuring 19 tunes from Poland and one for the international flavour from Germaica's own Ill Inspecta over well tested Germaican Records, Seeed, House Of Riddim, Stereotyp & Bassrunner Productions riddims. Immediately upon its release as one of the singles on the Pionear and original Far East Band keyboard player Matscher built one drop riddim 'Money Bag' the first tune on this album "Konstytucje 2006" Constitutions 2006, a remake of the legendary 1986 anti-government song - originally performed by cult New Wave singer Lech Janerka from Wroclaw/Breslau - by the combination of Polish veteran star Sidney Polak, Love Sen-C's youngblood Junior Stress and original singer Lech Janerka, stormed the Polish charts. Lady MC and foremost great singer Marika of whom I'm sure we'll hear more in the near future contributes the great "Sila Ognia" The Power Of Fire over the riddim putting Germaican Records and Seeed firmly on the map worldwide in 2002 'Doctor's Darling'. Bob One & Da Bass of Rub Pulse Soundsystem contribute the fine ganja tune "Sensimilla" over Pionear's hip hop inspired 'Opium'-riddim, before Pablopavo & Reggaenerator of Zjednoczenia Soundsystem deliver the very catchy "Gyal Na Medal" Girl On A Medal over Seeed & Pionear's thumping 'Electric Boogie'-riddim and Deer of Warschau's Tisztelet Soundsystem delivers the very fine "Balagan" Chaos & Disorder over Tom Topp's 'Cure'-riddim. "Sen De La Chica" a.k.a. Sen O Dziewczynie Dream About The Girl is the second tune on which gruff-voiced Junior Stress appears, this time alongside originally Cuban Tony Junior B.I.G. for a tune in Polish and Spanish over Germaican Records' 2005 jubilee riddim 'Messer Banzani'. Grizzlee & Cheeba of the East West Rockers deliver the very melodic "Ognia Nie Gascie" The Fire That Can't Be Extinguished over Austria based Bassrunner Productions' by House Of Riddim's Sam Gilly built 'Burning'-riddim, followed by Mista Pita, who represented Poland on the "Riddim Stars ~ Rodeo Europe" with "Twoje Rence", deejaying the very experimental heavily vocodered "Bus 77" over Stereotyp's 'U-Turn'-riddim, with its riddim builder as most hip hop and dancehall inspired G-Stone affiliate being the odd one out, but still very much in place on this compilation. "Dancehall" over Seeed & Pionear's excellent digital riddim incorporating a phat beat, only slightly sweetened by oriental layers 'Pharaoh' gets the best out of the Natural Dread Killaz, before Marika delivers her superb second tune on this album, this time in English, "What's Ya Flava" over the 'Curefix'-riddim. On "W Strone Swiatla" Into (The Direction Of) The Light over Seeed & Pionear's rootsy heavily bass driven 'High Noon'-riddim the third featured vocalist of the East West Rockers, Ras Luta sings his praises of Rastafari, followed by Mesajah of Natural Dread Killaz, who delivers his impressive solo-cut "Boom Na Babilon" Boom In Babylon over Seeed's 'Rodeo'-riddim and then Lady Mocca teams up with Mista Pita for the very impressive "Smietnik" Waste-dump over in my opinion one of the most underrated yardcore dancehall flavored Germaican riddims, the 'Typhoon Refix'. Cheeba's solo tune is the fine "Mammona" over the very nice 'Nasty Dawg', a riddim I would - like 'Opium', which will be released as a 45 selection soon - love to hear more tunes on than the one upcoming on Ill Inspecta's "Deejay Skool" and Gentleman's "Long Face" on "Journey To Jah". Female singer Olamonola & DJ Madmike of Singledread Soundsystem combine for the harmonic "Strach" Fear over the impressive roots riddim 'Tragedy', built in collaboration between House Of Riddim's Sam Gilly and Bassrunner Soundtribe selector Loopus. Five more fine cuts over the very catchy one drop by Pionear & Matscher with which this compilation got kicked off, the 'Money Bag'-riddim, follow, with singjay Ras Luta's very fine second tune "Piekni Ludzie Piekny Swiat" Beautiful People Beautiful World, Grizzlee's smoothly deejayed and by some great soulful backing vocals accompanied "Zmiany" Changes, (former) hip hop crew Silesian Sound's entertaining "Bedzie Dobrze" It's Gonna Be Alright and Junior Stress' third (but first solo) tune on this compilation "Kiedy Nie Mysle O Niczym" When I Think Of Nothing shows his good sandpaper-voice well time delivery once more, before the only non-Polish artist on this compilation, Germaica's own Ill Inspecta delivers the strongest tune over the 'Money Bag'-riddim, also the titletrack of his just released "Rudebwoy Anthem" which has by public demand now also been released in a clean radio edit. I recommend everyone to buy this album and get out your Polish dictionary to fully enjoy this excellent album.

(Translations from Polish courtesy of Jolanta P.)