Riddim Driven ~ Power Cut
VP Records - Groove Attack
May 20, 2007

Mavado - Riddim Driven: Power Cut Track list
  1. Top Shotta Nah Miss - Mavado
  2. Caliber - Einstein
  3. Sunday Morning - Flex
  4. Loud & Clear - Elephant Man
  5. Start War & Dead - Vybz Kartel
  6. Drop Bullet - Bounty Killer
  7. Talkie Talkie - Craig Dennis
  8. Nah Stick - Lady Saw
  9. Get It Right - Sean Paul
  10. Top Ranking - Chino
  11. Get High - Nikki B
  12. Dem Gyal Ya - Kari Jess
  13. Love The Girls - Norris Man
  14. Bush Cassh - Aidonia
  15. Power Cut - Busy Signal
  16. Power Cut (Version) - Stephen 'The Genius' McGregor
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Stephen 'The Genius' McGregor, Freddie McGregor's only 16(!) years old son, who in a controversial row last year left his mentor Scatta, to be associated then with Delly Ranx' Di Ranx Productions stable mainly, which is no suprise if you check Di Ranx' 'Red Bull & Guinness', 'Red Bull & Guinness ~ The Mixture' and 'Ghetto Whiskey', but besides he hit big for Michael 'Liquid' Brissett's H2O-label (originally a Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett spin-off) with '12 Gauge' built in Freddie's Big Ship Studio building, he also produced a couple of big riddims for his father's Big Ship label, of which this 'Power Cut'-riddim released in VP Records Riddim Driven Series is one.

'Power Cut' is a very dark sounding riddim with thunderous drum pattern and exactly the right accents to feed the feud between Mavado and Vybz Kartel and back a whole selection of mainly gangsta and gun lyrics. 28 excellent tunes have been released on the riddim of which more than half are compiled here, with Mavado's harsh "Top Shotta Nah Miss" opening this album followed by Einstein's best tune he recorded till now, the equally violent and gun-praising "Caliber" a.k.a. "Rise The Machine" and Flex' very strong "Sunday Morning" and Elephant Man's strange badman humour in "Loud And Clear".

Vybz Kartel seems to enjoy and thrive on his war with Mavado and he is magnificent in "Start War And Dead" of which only the intro is already enough to send any opponent home: bloodclat now, yo stephen, is it a plan ting, or is it our luck, the tune itself being even more raw and powerful, before Bounty Killer shows he's still as much warlord as he's ever been with the angry "Drop Bullet" and Stephen McGregor protégé Craig Dennis delivering the strong anti-informer tune "Talkie Talkie".

Lady Saw is also in a very vicious mood in the very convincing "Nah Stick" before Sean Paul returns to the frontline of hardcore dancehall with his brilliant anti-violence tune "Get It Right" a.k.a. "Where Is The Love" followed by Stephen McGregor's brother Chino who slowly but steadily builds a rather impressive catalogue with his "Top Rankin" a.k.a. "Hardcore" and Nikki B(ennett)., the unfortunately underrated and underrecorded singer, contributes the vocodered ganja tune "Get High" and relative newcomer Kari Jess impresses once more with "Dem Gyal Ya".

Norris Man has been shifting his attention to hardcore dancehall tunes and with "Love The Girls" he proves that is more than justified and Idonia is magnificent returning the theme to gangstas and guns with "Bush Caash" before Busy Signal delivers the strong title tune of the riddim "Power Cut". The "Power Cut (Version)" by producer Stephen 'The Genius' McGregor clearly shows that he is the musical talent that is ready to take over Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett's role as leading producer in Jamaica and so do the tunes he had voiced over this riddim. Hardcore dancehall as it should be!