Preview Riddim
Money Green Music
Digital Release
February 6, 2011

Track list
  1. Natural Black - See No Evil
  2. Natty King feat. Krissi Di Diva - Come Over
  3. Josey Wales - Dutty Rude Boy
  4. Bunny General - Everybody Look Brown
  5. Kananga feat. Determine - Cyah Run My Head
  6. Nahswitch - Pile Up My Own
  7. Gott-Yo - She's So Fine
  8. Jahnell feat. Bezrock - Thirsty Ram
  9. Chulu Blaxxx - Gyal Wine
  10. Propally - Mamma Baawl
  11. D2di-A - Smokin Proud
  12. Karamanti - Gone Up
  13. Sample - Mi Buss Now
  14. Rojah Dalla - My Rights
  15. Genesis - Good Over Evil
  16. Cherubim - Driving
  17. Chuckle Berry - None A Dem
  18. Bentley - Sufferation
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 3 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Except for veteran Josey Wales, Guyanese singer Natural Black, Natty King, Bunny General, and Determine, the line-up for this digitally released 'one riddim' set doesn't include any internationally known name. The "Preview" riddim showcases some of the brand of artists currently aligned with Frenz For Real Records, whose C.E.O and owner Omar "Benji" Benjamin collaborated with Money Green Music for making these release possible.

Natural Black has voiced cuts on a computerized modern dancehall riddim before, so no real surprise to catch him here and hear him perform the solid "See No Evil". However when it comes to singer Natty King and well-established veteran Josey Wales it's a different story. Natty King seemingly effortless finds his flow across the riddim and delivers a nice 'gyal' tune in combination with the unknown Krissi Di Diva. However lyrically it's not what one would expect from a singer who is known and loved for conscious roots tunes like "No Guns To Town" and "Mr. Greedy". Josey Wales on the other hand sticks to conscious lyrics with the above par "Dutty Rude Boy", while also Bunny General makes a decent impression with the matching "Everybody Look Brown".

From there it's almost entirely unknown but eager young Jamaican talent that has to deliver the goods and it's interesting to check who we'll have to watch for in the near future. The dancehall duo Nahswitch has delivered a notable amount of singles in recent years, but they still haven't achieved a breakthrough. With "Pile Up My Own" they turn in a solid effort, showing they have enough potential to secure themselves a place in today's dancehall arena. Gott-Yo is a real fine singer with an appealing voice reminiscent of Lukie D, who vocally makes a good impression with his "She So Fine". Jamaica has brought forth countless good singers, however many of them were only successful on a local level, so it remains to be seen whether Gott-Yo will be able to achieve big things.

Dancehall deejay Samora Gray aka Propally, who has been strongly influenced by Bounty Killer and Buju Banton, recorded his first song in 2005 and is definitely an artist to watch. With "Mamma Baawl" he delivers one of the dominating songs on the riddim. Rojah Dalla, a singjay who instantly attracts attention with his distinctive vocal style, comes up with a convincing conscious tune called "My Rights". In 2009 Chuckle Berry had a hit on the Jamaican Reggae Charts with the Sly & Robbie produced "Good Life" on Dennis Brown's "Sitting & Watching" riddim. Since then not much has been heard of him and although "None A Dem" is a decent tune it doesn't indicate a significant step forward in his musical career.

A few modifications in the "Preview" riddim's structure insures that boredom doesn't set in.