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Arise Black Man
Peter Tosh & Friends

Tracking list

  1. Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Brand New Second Hand
  2. Peter Tosh - Maga Dog
  3. Peter Tosh & Winston Scotland - Skanky Dog
  4. The Now Generation - Boney Dog
  5. Bunny Flip - Maingy Dog
  6. Joe Gibbs & The Love Generation - Fat Dog
  7. Peter Tosh - The Crimson Pirate
  8. Peter Tosh & U Roy - Rightful Ruler
  9. Peter Tosh - Moon Dust
  10. Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Four Hundred Years
  11. Peter Tosh - Ambitious Beggar
  12. Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Memphis
  13. Peter Tosh & The Soul Mates - Rudies Medley
  14. Peter Tosh - The Returmn Of Al Capone
  15. Peter Tosh - Them A Fe Get A Beaten
  16. Winston Wright & Larry McDonald - Reuben
  17. Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Stop That Train
  18. Peter Tosh - Sun Valley
  19. Peter Tosh - Nobody's Business
  20. Peter Tosh - Selassie Serenade
  21. Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Downpressor
  22. Peter Tosh - Pepper Seed
  23. Peter Tosh - Arise Black Man
  24. Peter Tosh - Romper Room
  25. Peter Tosh & The Wailers - Brand New Second Hand
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 4/5 Sound quality : 3 Sleeve : 5

This Trojan collection highlights Peter Tosh's early solo work he recorded for producers such as Joe Gibbs, Bunny Lee and Lee Perry. In the late sixties The Wailers teamed up with producer Bunny Lee to cut some memorable sides, and Peter Tosh decided to continue his association with Bunny Lee, although Bob and Bunny decided to go on. Their subsequent collaborations resulted in a series of releases, including The Crimson Pirate, Moon Dusk, Ambitious Beggar, The Return Of Al Capone, Sun Valley, Selassie Serenade, Pepper Seed and Romper Room. Towards the close of 1969 The Wailers were working with Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Tosh once again took the opportunity to record without his fellow Wailers. Rightful Ruler opens with Tosh delivering a spoken introduction in the Ethiopian language of Amharic followed by the English translation, before deejay U Roy launches his tribute to the man believed by Rastafarians to be the son of God : the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.
For producer Leslie Kong the group cut the Tosh-led Stop The Train, a song he later claimed he wrote to indicate his forthcoming departure from the group. After returning to Lee 'Scratch' Perry, the group saw their fortunes change. Tosh's talents as a somngwriter and singer were occasionally illustrated on recordings such as Four Hundred Years, Down Pressor, Brand New Second Hand and Memphis.
In 1971 he started working with producer Joe Gibbs, cutting fine sides like the popular Maga Dog. The record's enormous success was reflected in a number of versions of the song, which Gibbs issued over the next months. These included deejay cuts by Winston Scotland and Bunny Flip and a series of instrumentals by the Now Generation. The more rootsy side of Tosh is illustrated on another side he cut for Joe Gibbs. On Arise Black Man he calls for the black prophets of the world to unite and to rally to the Rastafarian faith.
In 1973 he left the Wailers and the rest is history. On 11th September 1987 he was shot dead during a robbery on his home in Kingston.

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