Puff Puff Riddim
New Sound Records / MacLes Music Factory
Digital Release
November 9, 2013

Track list
  1. Collieman - Never Give Up
  2. Cutty Ranks - Girls In High Places
  3. Damas - Easy Skanking
  4. Edge Michel - Sentence To Life
  5. Elijah M Wood - Ready For The World
  6. Gappy Ranks - Stand Up
  7. Iba Mahr - So Many Things To Say
  8. Jah Bami - High Grade
  9. Likle Mystic - Flames & Thunder
  10. Lisa Bennett - My House
  11. Mojo Herb - Rasta Love
  12. Onesty - Hold On
  13. Promise No Promises - Surely
  14. Ricky Chaplin - Don't Try
  15. Tikaros - Jah Bless Mi
  16. Timmi Burrell - Smoke & Pass
  17. Tmar - Live Everyday
  18. Triston Palma - Africa For Africans
  19. MacLes Music Factory - Puff Puff Riddim Instrumental
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Sometimes things don't go as planned, which sometimes leads to making a move that unexpectedly turns out to be a worthwhile one. This certainly goes for the "Puff Puff Riddim", which comes from the New Sound Records/MacLes Music Factory team. The latter -- also in collaboration with Ziggy Blacks Productions -- recently attracted some attention with dancehall throbs such as the "Street Cleaner Riddim", "Fyah Starta Riddim" and "3Wayz Riddim". Initially it wasn't their intention to come up with a 'one riddim' reggae set, but due to delays in finishing Timmi Burrell's debut album the decision was made to let a variety of artists voice the riddim utilized for Timmi Burrell's "Smoke & Pass" -- together with the single "Small Town Boy" one of the album tracks that was already finished. Result: you can't help but to move on it!!

Written by Clive "Timmi" Burrell and (mixing engineer & producer) Marc "MacLes" Leys and laid by the latter and Asham Band's drummer Wim "Radics" Verbruggen, the "Puff Puff Riddim" has been voiced by internationally well known names such as Cutty Ranks, Gappy Ranks, Iba Mahr, and Triston Palma, as well as much promising newcomers Damas, Tikaros, and, of course, Timmi Burrell. Besides that there's also homegrown talent from Belgium featured here, namely Collieman, Lisa Bennett, and Onesty. Due to some help of Ziggy Blacks Productions, Entertainment Works and Ajang Music, mixing engineer & producer Marc "MacLes" Leys and co-producer Jermaine "Tmar" Millington were able to present a real nice line-up of artists on this juggling set.

Topics on the superb "Puff Puff Riddim" range from the hard hitting lyrical laced social commentary of Gappy Ranks' "Stand Up" to Iba Mahr's huge love song "So Many Things To Say". Both songs are top notch, but also the other 16 vocal cuts are of the same calibre or at least not far behind. After the uplifting "Never Give Up" has shown that Collieman surely is one of Belgium's greatest reggae talents, it's veteran Cutty Ranks who makes a good impression with his witty play on words with his tune "Girls In High Places". Then it's newcomer Damas who gets you skanking on this groovin' riddim with his decent song "Easy Skankin'". All in all the three cuts that form the opening part of this collection are worth hearing. Although there aren't any diversifications of the riddim, there's no sign of boredom coming up due to the riddim's high energy level and some great voicings including Edge Michael's "Sentence Of Life", Jah Bami's herb tune "High Grade", Ricky Chaplin's "Don't Try", Timmi Burrell's "Smoke & Pass", Triston Palma's "Africa For Africans" and the aforementioned "Stand Up" by Gappy Ranks and "So Many Things To Say" by Iba Mahr. Don't overlook solid efforts such as Lisa Bennett's "My House", "Ready For The World" by Elijah M Wood and Tmar's "Live Everyday" either as they are also worth a listen. The set is rounded off by a clean version of the riddim, which is always good to have on a juggling set.

Truly a great project and hopefully one that will be followed by another scorcher reggae riddim from this young production team.