Roots Attack presents Showcase Volume 1
Roots Attack
LP / Digital Release
May 9, 2016

Track list
Side One
  1. Leroy Brown - Brace Yourself
  2. I Fi - One Ripe Cocoa
  3. Dub Oneself
  4. Winston McAnuff - Red Light
  5. Red Dub
Side Two
  1. Nereus Joseph - Gideon Boot
  2. Gideon Dub
  3. Easton Clarke - He Guides Me
  4. I Fi - Ting A Ling
  5. Dub Guides Me
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Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
Roots Attack out of France is one of those small European independent labels producing quality roots music. The label is run by two French guys: Jeh Jeh and I Fi. They founded a sound in 2010 and centred on Studio Honey, a recording studio owned by Jeh Jeh. He's a passionate '70s roots reggae fan. In 2015 the label was born and through a meeting with reggae veterans Winston McAnuff and Leroy Brown they began working on their first project, "Showcase Volume 1". The ten track album features four riddims, voiced by veteran artists as well as up-and-coming artists. The tunes are original riddims, no classic reggae riddims were used!

To start with, the overall feel of the album is best described as roots from the golden days of reggae. Think of Culture, Burning Spear, Viceroys and Max Romeo. First riddim is called "Brace Yourself". Reggae veteran Leroy Brown opens with the riddim's title song, an awesome roots anthem, which is followed by the deejay cut by I Fi, a young French deejay whose roots are foundation deejays like U Roy and Big Youth. Excellent effort! Impressive drum & bass dubwise with the dub tune "Dub Oneself", played by RAAS Attack aka Roots All Stars, and mixed with a master hand by Jeh Jeh. Next riddim starts with the vocal cut by Winston McAnuff. He rides the strong riddim with ease and pride and the dub that follows reminds us of Scientist's style and fashion!

UK reggae star Nereus Joseph kicks off Side Two with a new uptempo riddim. His tune "Gideon Boot" sees the man, who scored numerous hits in the '80s, in good style. The Gideon boot (and Khaki suit) refers to the fight against Babylon and its evil ways. The dub mix is a nice treat as well. Easton Clarke, a relatively unknown JA singer whose first tune "No Bike License" was a minor hitsingle in 1975 in Jamaica, delivers a strong roots tune with "He Guides Me". He tells us that Jah guides us trough these hard times, have faith! The young French deejay I Fi shows up once more for the -U Brown styled- toast across the riddim and the album closes with the dub. Strong riddim & heavy versions!

If you're into old skool reggae this one is a real treat! What a strong set!