VP Records
February 7, 2006

Track list

    'Sweet Sop'-riddim
  1. Lucky You - Nanko
  2. Dem Nuh Build Great Man - Jah Cure & Fantan Mojah
  3. This Woman That I Have - Harry Toddler
  4. Hail To The King - Fantan Mojah
  5. Free - Sizzla
  6. Conga Man - Jah Cure
  7. Motherland Calling - Richie Spice
  8. Jah Is Greater - Luciano
  9. True Reflection - Jah Cure
  10. Invasion - Capleton
  11. Hungry - Fantan Mojah
  12. Misunderstanding - DYCR
  13. DC - Sugar Minott, Fantan Mojah & Military Man
    'Dutty Rub'-riddim
  14. Love And Righteousness - Sizzla
  15. Corruption - Fantan Mojah
  16. Routine - Vybz Kartel

  1. Corruption - Fantan Mojah
  2. True Reflection - Jah Cure
  3. Lucky You - Nanko
  4. Misunderstanding - DYCR
  5. Hail The King - Fantan Mojah
  6. Hungry - Fantan Mojah
  7. Signs Of Life - Fantan Mojah
  8. Internet - Harry Toddler
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
This VP Records release "Rackaz" (pronounced Rockers) covers the very successful story so far of Downsound Records, (Andrew Prendergast and Josef Bogdanovich), documenting their current hit streak, that started with the 'Maroon' and 'Invasion'-riddims and which was to a lesser extent continued with 'Dutty Rub', but in full effect again with the 'Sweet Sop'-riddim and their 'Reflections'-cut by Jah Cure. Starting with the latest riddim from their camp 'Sweet Sop', the Jamaican chart topping and European dancehalls ruling "Lucky You" by newcomer Nanko, the partly (over-)vocodered excellent smash tune with its damn man, your life must be so happy / you've got your wife and some lovely kids / as for me, i'm here trying to look alive intro and lucky you, you've got a woman to go home to / i've got to find me myself a woman / what i wouldn't do man / lucky you, you've got some kids to attend to / i've got to find me myself a woman / what i wouldn't do now chorus by now can be sung along by everyone visiting a dance more than twice a year. It's followed by the superb Jah Cure & Fantan Mojah combination over the same riddim "Dem Nuh Build Great Man" dem only kill great man and the very fine and unexpectedly sweet Harry Toddler lovers tune "This Woman That I Have" i'm gonna love her forever. It's unfortunate from a buyer's point of view that more than half of the tunes on the CD, the selections on the impressive acoustic Nyahbinghi riddim 'Maroon' featuring Bongo Herman's percussion alongside Ian 'Beeze' Coleman's guitar 'Maroon' and the by Firehouse Crew's drummer George Miller and bassplayer/keyboardplayer Donald Dennis alongside Michael 'Angel' Adams instead of Paul 'Wrongmove' Crossdale on keyboards laid fabulous reworking of the Tennors' 1967 'Pressure & Slide' Studio One riddim, also known (after the 1978 Sugar Minott Studio One scorcher) as 'Oh Mr. DC' i.e. District Constable, now renamed 'Invasion' hit riddims have already been compiled on the - in In The Streetz' Rhythm Streetz series as #3 released - "Invasion & Maroon Riddim". On this disc squeezed between both very successful riddims is the big Jah Cure tune "True Reflection (Behind These Prison Walls)" over Downsound's version of the 'Reflections'-riddim, that is so much better than the Moses Productions version of it, used for all other tunes on 'Reflections'. The last three tunes on this compilation are over Downsound's 'Dutty Rub'-riddim, in fact a not completely convincing relick of the 'Diseases' a.k.a. 'Golden Hen'-riddim, itself an adaptation of Alton Ellis 1972 Studio One tune "Mad Mad" - but the riddim did grow on me, so might be considered convincing in a week's time - Sizzla with "Love And Righteousness" and Fantan Mojah with "Corruption" both disappoint, and Vybz Kartel's "Routine" is probably the only tune over this riddim competing with (the unfortunately not included) "Ants" that was contributed by DYCR over this riddim. But that can't spoil the fun, as a DVD has been included that not only contains 7 music videos of which 4 are shot for the chart topping tunes "True Reflection" by Jah Cure, "Lucky You" by Nanko, "Hail The King" and "Hungry" by Fantan Mojah, but also the great 18 minute profile "Signs Of Life" of one of Downsound's biggest stars Fantan Mojah. The only 'strange' inclusion is probably Harry Toddler's "Internet" over Pot Of Gold's 2003 'Striptease'-riddim, but that is probably because - I assume - it is the first ever Downsound Records shot video. This is a must have CD + DVD collecting some of the scorchers released in the short history of Downsound Records.