The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2009
Greensleeves Records - Groove Attack
October 23, 2009

Busy Signal - The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2009 Track list
  1. Never Change (From Mawning) - Chino
  2. Wipe Those Tears - Jah Vinci
  3. Inna Life - Laden
  4. Mama - Vybz Kartel
  5. Better Dayz - Chase Cross
  6. Dem Alone - Mavado
  7. Pre Dis - Assassin
  8. Neva Believe You - Mavado
  9. Bend Over - Ryno
  10. Da Style Deh - Busy signal
  11. Sweetest Time - Mavado
  12. She Can't Wait - Demarco
  13. Come Breed Me - Vybz Kartel feat. Gaza Indu
  14. Virginity - Vybz Kartel feat. Gaza Indu
  15. Straight Forward - Konshens
  16. Pon You Head - Chino
  17. Turn My Life Around - T'Nez
  18. Priority - Assassin
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In the last 10! years Greensleeves' "The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems" releases obviously weren't only a pleasant way to collect a great share of the harvest of successful dancehall singles for non 7" buyers like me, but seemingly were a pleasant way to collect revenues from not as one-riddim-album licensed riddims for Greensleeves. And now the tenth annual volume has been released, "The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems 2009" and this year unlike earlier editions, not a double CD, not even a CD combined with a DVD. But this single album compilation is ram-packed with BIG tunes!

The albums opens with Chino who on this production by younger brother Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor's for his Big Ship Music sounds just like their father the legendary Freddie McGregor in "Never Change (From Mawning)", followed by two more great dancehall singers, Portmore Empire's new upcoming singer Jah Vinci with "Wipe Those Tears" and Big Ship artist Laden with the very strong "Inna Life" across the wonderful riddims laid by Jordan McClure & David 'Hizzle' Hayle for their Chimney Records. Vybz Kartel's "Mama" for Not Nice Productions is easily one of the weaker tunes on this set, a thing that to my knowledge never happened before to a Kartel tune.

Both newcomer Chase Cross with "Better Dayz" and Mavado with "Dem Alone" deliver huge tunes across Kimani Palmer (no family ... ) a.k.a. DJ Frass' 'Clearance'-riddim, followed by Assassin with the impressive "Pre Dis" across Stephen McGregor fabulous 'Boasty'-riddim and Mavado's unbelievable "Neva Believe You" over its magnificent riddim laid and produced by Daseca - Craig 'Serani' Marsh and the Harrisingh brothers -. More slackness is provided by (Blak) Ryno over Stephen McGregor's 'Work Out'-riddim and then Busy Signal delivers the outrageous "Da Style Deh" for Shane Brown's Juke Boxx label.

More on the physical side of attraction between men and women is delivered by Mavado over Stephen McGregor's 'Fitness'-riddim in "Sweetest Time" and Demarco with the raunchy "She Can't Wait" over his own 'Stress Free'-riddim. On this topic Vybz Kartel is never far away and here he delivers two tunes back to back alongside Gaza Indu, the Stephen McGregor produced "Come Breed Me" and a strange mashup between their "Virginity" and its radio-friendly version "Versatility" produced by Tarik 'Russian' Johnston for his Head Concussion Records in this incarnation being neither flesh nor fish.

Konshens shows he is also capable of delivering a fine slackish dancehall tune with "Straight Forward" over Juke Boxx' 'Indiscretion'-riddim before Chino delivers another killer tune produced by his brother Stephen with "Pon Your Head" and newcomer T'Nez impresses with his debut "Turn My Life Around" for Chimney Records. This compilation closes with Assassin once more showing that he is one of THE best lyricists in the dancehalls with his "Priority" across Juke Boxx' 'Dub Wise'-riddim. This 2009 volume of Greensleeves' "The Biggest Ragga Dancehall Anthems" despite being just a single CD is by any means a more than worthy anniversary edition in its 10th year of dropping compilations you MUST buy as a non-7"-buyer.