Ragga Ragga Ragga! 2009
CD + Bonus CD
April 7, 2009

Etana - The Strong One Track list

Disc 1
  1. Life Sweet - Vybz Kartel
  2. Real Stingers - Blak Ryno
  3. Time To shine - Laden
  4. Money Tree - Busy Signal
  5. Nuh Bleach With Cream - Mavado
  6. Flying Dagger a.k.a. 100 Stab - Aidonia
  7. Bend Over - RDX
  8. Dagga Dat - Bragga Dat
  9. How Me Look - Ricky Blaze feat. Fresh Prince & Jr. Vibes
  10. Gimme Little (If You Want Me) - T.O.K.
  11. Gimme Gimme - Beenie Man
  12. Dem Nuh Want No Gal - Assassin
  13. Man A Gallis - Ding Dong
  14. La La La (Hustler For Life) - Andrew & Wada Blood
  15. Corrupt - Bounty Killer
Disc 2
  1. The Return ~ Father & Son - Ninjaman & Ninja Ford
  2. World Dance - Beenie Man
  3. Mavis - Merciless
  4. You've Got Me Waiting - Bounty Killer, Nitty Kutchie & Angel Doolas
  5. Infiltrate - Sean Paul
  6. Bizzi Blazzi - Red Rat
  7. Judgement Day - Ward 21
  8. Smoke Clears - Bounty Killer
  9. Give Dem Di Shabba - Shabba Ranks
  10. New Millenium - Vybz Kartel feat. Wayne Marshall
  11. Dancin' Class Pt. 2 - Richie Feelings
  12. Weh Di Time - Voicemal, Delly Ranks & Bogle
  13. Dutty Wine - Tony Matterhorn
  14. Rub A Dub Wi Want - Shaggy
  15. Wine Pon Di Edge - Busy Signal
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4
Greensleeves Records have released their newest annual volume in the Ragga Ragga Ragga! series, with a bonus CD with 15 tunes celebrating 15 years of Ragga Ragga Ragga! This year's edition "Ragga Ragga Ragga! 2009" is once more proof that this is probably of all the samplers in the reggae and dancehall world being most in touch with the actual runnings in the dancehalls in JA. Opening it is Vybz Kartel with the excellent "Life Sweet" produced by Head Concussion's Tarik 'Russian' Johnston (despite the liner notes indicating Vybz Kartel as sole producer for his Adidjahiem Records) followed by one of the members of his Portmore Empire, Blak Ryno with "Real Stingers" over Not Nice Productions's 'Remand'-riddim and the big hit tune "Time To Shine" by newcomer Laden produced by Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor's riddim for his Big Ship Music. Busy Signal delivers the excellent "Money Tree" over a completely by Shane Brown for his Juke Boxx stripped version of Dave Kelly's 'Showtime' followed by Mavado with his in your face "Nuh Bleach Wid Cream" across Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor's 'Daybreak'-riddim.

And then it's time for dancehall's latest trend that you either hate or love 'DAGGERING', with the segment kicked off by Aidonia with his "Flying Dagger a.k.a. 100 Stab", followed by RDX with "Bend Over" produced by Mr. G for his Young Blood Productions and Bragga Dat" with "Dagga Dat" for Patrick Samuels' Time Travel. Ricky Blaze produced his combination with Fresh Prince & Jr. Vibes "How Me Look" himself for his Fire Unit Music Group, not my favourite track of the album because of too much Euro-trash influences. T.O.K. however do a great job begging for the punnany in "Gimme Little (If You Want Me)", followed by Beenie Man with his Stephen McGregor produced "Gimme Gimme" and Assassin with the impressive "Nuh Want No Gal" over the 'Look Gal'-riddim for his own Boardhouse Records. Ding Dong delivers the dancing tune "Man A Gallis" giving Wayne 'Unga' Thompson's 'Gallis'-riddim for his own Notice Productions its name and Andrew & Wada Blood's very strong "Hustler For Life (La La La)" across the same riddim is included as well. Obviously Juke Boxx' dark 'Silent River'-riddim works very inspiring as Bounty Killer delivers with "Corrupt" a tune that reaches the heights of his "Look" to close a "Ragga Ragga Ragga! 2009" that leaves no wishes unfulfilled. And besides this great edition you get a bonus CD collecting some genuine highlights from 15 years of Ragga Ragga Ragga! that surely entertains.