The Raid Riddim
Money Green Music & Frenz For Real
Digital Release
May 15, 2011

The Raid Riddim - Various Artists Track list
  1. Bentley - Count My Blessings
  2. Chulu Blaxxx feat. Propally - Sumn' 'bout Her (Wine Gyal)
  3. Curfew feat. Smokie Benz - Yuh Nuh Know
  4. D2Dia - Nah Nah
  5. Determine feat. Ruudie - Yuh Owna Man
  6. Gott-Yo - Neva Want This
  7. Jahnll - Wine
  8. Karamanti - The Tribute Song
  9. Kush - Wine
  10. M. A. P. - I'm Free
  11. Nahswitch - Fatness
  12. Propally - Kill A Killer
  13. Propally - Rum Inna It
  14. Rojah Dalla - Leader
  15. Sir feat. Dominent - Paranoid
  16. Smokie Benz - Pressure
  17. Teff feat. 3 Star & Draft - I'm A Ryder
  18. Tidal feat. Dainy - Gwaan & Let Go
  19. Turbulence - Most I
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Total votes : 5
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Vocals : 3/4 Backing : 3 Production : 3/4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Earlier this year Money Green Music, in association with Omar "Benji" Benjamin's Frenz For Real Records, gave the dancehall massive the "Preview" riddim, and now they come up with its follow-up called "The Raid". The latter comes with the same kinda vibe as its predecessor and after listening to both bashment riddims it's striking to hear that there's not that much difference between these riddims. Not only has "The Raid" riddim been structured the same way, with luckily now and then a few modifications to avoid boredom when you have to listen to 19 cuts on the same riddim, but just like the "Preview", it has been placed into the hands of a nice group of artists consisting of only very few internationally knowns, some up and comers and a bunch of lesser knowns.

The first track of this 'one riddim' set, "Count My Blessings" by Bentley, instantly makes a very good impression. Without any doubt one of our favourite tunes and definitely belonging to the standout cuts. Next drops "Sumn' 'bout Her (Wine Gyal)", which features Chulu Blaxxx in combination with Propally, who appears three times times on this collection. The other tunes -- "Kill A Killer" with its explicit lyrics, and the cautionary "Rum Inna It" -- are solid efforts, showcasing he's a dancehall artist to watch for in the near future. With the conscious "Neva Want This" Gott-Yo affirms that he's a real good singer who is able to deliver an appealing tune, even if it's on a dancehall beat. Karamanti brings the moving "The Tribute Song", while Turbulence is responsible for another standout cut entitled "Most I". Also enjoyable to hear are Nahswitch's "Fatness", Rojah Dalla's "Leader", and "Pressure" by Smokie Benz.

Even though "The Raid" riddim has a few winners on board, the majority of the cuts lacks the necessary substance to cause a stir.