Rasta No Deal Wid Dat Riddim
Uniteam Music
Vinyl LP / Digital Release
February 24, 2016

Track list
  1. Vernon Maytone & Johnny Clarke - Have Faith
  2. Prince Jazzbo - Rasta No Deal Wid Dat
  3. Triston Palma - The Hustle
  4. Carlton Livingston - He Never Knew
  5. General Smiley - Them A Wolf
  6. Carl Meeks - Tenement Yard
  7. Phillip Fraser - World Without End
  8. Ricky Chaplin & Kiddus I - Itís A Shame
  9. Kojo Neatness - War
  10. Tony Roots - Coming Or Going
  11. Anthony John - Money Power
  12. Tony Anthony - Freedom Street
  13. The Uniteam Allstars - Dub Version
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 5
UNITEAM MUSIC comes up with its fourth release entitled "RASTA NO DEAL WID DAT RIDDIM". A majestic manifestation of true Roots Reggae music delivered with Royal manners and respect. This is a legendary roll call of legendary Roots artists riding an intoxicating riddim provided by THE UNITEAM ALLSTARS. Lyrics and riddim to be remembered for years to come

France's UNITEAM MUSIC was founded in 2009 by Mr. Chin and Mighty Erbe (Give Thanks Records). They burst on the scene the same year with the Carlton Livingston/Echo Minott 7" single "Mix Up Maggie"/"Summertime". Legendary engineer Manu Genius (Not Easy At All Productions/Dubshelter Recordings) was brought on board for subsequent releases. In 2013, Vernon Maytone's "On The Right Track" was released to massive acclaim. Last year, UNITEAM hit again with Ricky Chaplin's "Chap Dem Chaplin", an album that delivers magnificently.

"RASTA NO DEAL WID DAT RIDDIM" captures the essence of Real Authentic Sound; something that is UNITEAM's signature approach. Link up with legendary singers and players of instruments and mix it in a dynamically forward delivery. The core of The Soul Syndicate lends a magic touch. "Santa" Davis on drums, "Fully" Fullwood on bass and Tony Chin on guitars. Legendary saxman Dean Fraser adds depth while Dju (No More Babylon's keyboardist) bubbles truly. Mr. Chin is solid on percussion. The combination of Vernon Maytone/Johnny Clarke on "Have Faith" is amazing. The late Prince Jazzbo realizes the title track to full potential. Triston Palma shines on "The Hustle". The legendary Carlton Livingston is sweet and seasoned to perfection. General Smiley (of Michigan & Smiley) is stellar on "Them A Wolf". The enduring Carl Meeks is golden on his take of Jacob Miller's "Tenement Yard". Tony Anthony revisits "Freedom Street" in his regal and flowing style. Elder statesman Phillip Fraser is crucial on "World Without End". Ricky Chaplin and Kiddus I are remarkable on "It's A Shame". Kojo Neatness displays true talent on "War". UK Rootsman Tony Roots is fine on "Coming Or Going". The album closes out with the "Dub Version" of this great riddim, actually one of those ridddims that never grows old.

"RASTA NO DEAL WID DAT RIDDIM" is a definitive element in keeping the authenticity and integrity of true Roots music alive and well. GO DEH!!