Rastafari Unity EP
Lustre Kings
April 24, 2007

Lutan Fyah & Vaughn Benjamin - Rastafari Unity - EP Track list
  1. Vaughn Benjamin (Midnite) & Lutan Fyah - Stay With His Majesty
  2. Stay With His Majesty Dub
  3. Lutan Fyah, Princess Menen & Khari Kill - Why, Why, Why
  4. Why, Why, Why Dub
  5. Jah Dan - Out Of The Slaughter
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 4 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3
Lustre Kings special EP release features two tracks of Lutan Fyah, firstly in combination with Midnite's lead vocalist en songwriter par excellence Vaughn Benjamin and secondly with two much promising new talents out of Trinidad (by way of Brooklyn) Princess Menen and future reggae star Khari Kill (aka 'The Voice Of Di Ghetto' as Brooklyn calls him). The latter is probably best known for his debut song "Picture Of Selassie" on the Massive B label, which went straight to # 1 on various reggae charts worldwide.

Singjay Lutan Fyah in combination with Vaughn Benjamin (who continues to search for all kinda forms of combinations, solo or with his band Midnite) proves a winner. Their vocals blend together perfectly and also both artists' lyrical skills come to full expression in this cultural piece. Besides that the full sounding echo-laden roots riddim -- played by Wadi Gad (drums), Jah David (Bass), Jah Oil (guitar), Nick Fantastic (keys, organ), Frank Moniz (sax) and Grayson Farmer (trumpet) -- is a real killer. Thus it's great to have a blistering dub version of "Stay With His Majesty" (with vocals floating in and out of the mix) included as well.

Even though the triple-combination tune "Why, Why, Why" has a complety different vibe and mood, it's a matching cut. The riddim - entirely laid by Nick Fantastic - is a more melodic backdrop layered with catchy guitar riffs and a driving drum & bass. Furthermore the listener is treated to insightful lyrics and great vocal deliveries on top of the riddim by the artists involved. And again there's a worthwhile dub outing to enjoy.

The EP rounds off in truly fine style with "Out Of The Slaughter", delivered by Jah Dan (of Noble Society) over Midnite's "Let Live" riddim. A mesmerizing song worth of hearing!