Album review
Trojan Rocksteady Box Set ~ Limited Edition
Triple CD box set

Tracking list

    Disc 1.

  1. Alton Ellis - Rocksteady
  2. Desmond Dekker - Beautiful And Dangerous
  3. The Paragons - On The Beach
  4. The Melodians - Little Nut Tree
  5. The Versatiles - Teardrops Falling
  6. Derrick Harriott - The Loser
  7. The Federals - Shocking Love
  8. The Maytals - Just Tell Me
  9. Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Here I Stand
  10. The Ethiopians - Come On Now
  11. Pat Kelly - Somebody's Baby
  12. Ike Bennett & The Crystalites - Illya Kuryakin
  13. The Natives - You You
  14. The Gaylads - It's Hard To Confess
  15. Derrick Harriott - Do I Worry
  16. Derrick Morgan - Conquering Ruler
  17. The Uniques - My Conversation
    Disc 2.

  1. The Paragons - Island In The Sun
  2. Lyn Taitt & The Jets - To Sir With Love
  3. Errol Dunkley - You're Gonna Need Me
  4. Phyllis Dillon - Don't Touch Me Tomato
  5. Honey Boy Martin - Dreader Than Dread
  6. Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Mother's Young Gal
  7. The Melodians - Swing And Dine
  8. Derrick Harriot - Walk The Streets
  9. The Paragons - Riding On A High And Windy Day
  10. The Gaylads - A.B.C. Rocksteady
  11. Alton Ellis & The Flames - All My Tears
  12. Lester Sterling - Super Special
  13. Johnny & The Attractions - Youngs Wings Can Fly
  14. The Versatiles - Trust The Book
  15. Ken Boothe - Can't You See
  16. Derrick Harriot - Born To Love You
  17. The Paragons - Wear You To The Ball
    Disc 3.

  1. Joe White - Rudies All Around
  2. The Uniques - People Rocksteady
  3. Delroy Wilson - Once Upon A Time
  4. The Jamaicans - Ba Ba Boom
  5. The Natives - Live It Up
  6. Lee Perry - The Upsetter
  7. Derrick Harriot - Solomon
  8. The Ethiopians - Engine 54
  9. Derrick Morgan - I Want To Go Home
  10. The Melodians - I Will Get Along Without You
  11. Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Save A Bread
  12. The Gaylads - Silent River (Runs Deep)
  13. The Versatiles - The Time Has Come
  14. Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Bongo Gal
  15. Tommy McCook - The Shadow Of Your Smile
  16. The Gaylads - Over The Rainbow's End
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 4/5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 3/4

"If you're ready, come do rocksteady" was the slogan of the years 1966-68 which once again comes to live with this box set containing some of the best songs and artists from the heydays of the relatively short-lived rocksteady era. Rude boys with golden voices - inspired by American soulbrothers like The Impressions, The Drifters, The Platters and the Moonglows and sophisticated like Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Solomon Burke - sung their tunes like heavenly angels. The leadsinger - Leroy Sibbles, John Holt or Pat Kelly - did the musical call and his buddies - the Heptones, the Paragons and the Uniques - sung the answers just like the American doo-wop groups often used to do. Solo artists like Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe and Slim Smith undoubtedly delivered their best outings during this part of Jamaican musical history. Their silky, passionate and languishing voices were often backed by the swinging riddims of the superb Tommy McCook & The Supersonics, who were the house band of the most important and influential producer of the age, Duke Reid, an ex-policeman and former soundsystem owner who ruled his rocksteady imperium out of his famous Treasure Isle studio on Bond Street.
This "Limited Edition" box set gathers 50 tracks of that most potent and influential music - rocksteady. Of course, well known Duke Reid produced classic hits are represented here, but also other great songs from that fruitful period produced by contemporaries like Mrs. Sonia Pottinger and Derrick Harriott are not forgotten. Besides that some lesser known and hard-to-find tunes are included as well, thus making this a valuable compilation set of timeless music.

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