Riddim Driven ~ Dem Time Deh
VP Records
September 29, 2006

Track list
  1. All Out - Sean Paul
  2. No - Vybz Kartel
  3. Tek Weh Yuh Self - Mr. Easy
  4. Hotter Than Her - Assassin
  5. Negative - Lefside & Esco
  6. Dem Fool Deh - Flava Unit
  7. Whoa - Lefside
  8. Fambo - Future Troubles
  9. No Caine - Esco
  10. Weh Dem Ah Say - Movado
  11. Astronaut - Wayne Marshall
  12. Gal Bruk - Elephant Man
  13. Folitician - Bounty Killer
  14. Ukku - Idonia
  15. Give You - Alaine
  16. Dem Time Deh (Instrumental) - Leftside & Esco
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 2
Another one for the VP 'Riddim Driven' series. Leftside & Esco (of "Tuck In Yuh Belly" fame) present a new hardcore bass heavy riddim "Dem Time Deh" on their Young Legends imprint. The riddim itself is a very fast paced yet bare bones affair using minimal chords and the sound effect of what sounds like a zooming race car that runs constantly throughout each version.

Leftside & Esco open this set with the soon to be big Sean Paul tune All Out, in which he asks the girls to do just that. Vybz Kartel's No incorporates an interesting echo effect on the chorus, which really gets his point across when he tells us about the three rules that every Jamaican man should live by. Next up is the first of three sung tunes on the sampler, in the form of Mr. Easy's Tek Weh Yuh Self another great cry out against gun crime. Assassin praises a certain lady letting her know that she's Hotter Than Her, before the men who bought us this hot riddim; Leftside & Esco combine in their usual fine form on a tune that promotes awareness about safe sex and praises a lady for not being promiscuous, called Negative. Flava Unit return to their Yard roots with the great Dem Fool Deh after some recent work which sounded a little more geared toward US with an R&B influence, then Leftside goes it alone on Whoa where he talks about enjoying himself the way every single man would like to, the tune features some very funny puns. Future Troubles goes on to explain his other alias on Fambo and how people shout it out; Future Troubles is followed by the solo effort of the remaining member of the production duo, on which Esco screams No Caine, no caine, we nuh wan nah cocaine! A fine tune discouraging the public against using class A drugs.

Movado is fast becoming a big name on the dancehall scene and with the excellent Weh Dem Ah Say he continues in great form and will be certainly holding firm in this position and surely continuing to rise. Then it is Wayne Marshall's turn to contribute to the hard hitting riddim, and he does so with great ease on the extremely funny and witty Astronaut where he states 'mi nuh Astronaut, so mi nah go Uranus', just as he did on the "Galore" riddim with "I Forgot Dem" he uses a clever twisting of words to get his hidden message across. The next heavy piece on the riddim comes when Elephant Man steps up to the microphone, he voices a tune which sounds a little like a counter action to the earlier Sean Paul opening tune when he demands that a Gal Bruk out so he can give her the anaconda. Next up, Bounty Killer preaches about the Folitician and explains about how he has mashed up his life; it is always good to hear at least one reality tune on a sampler these days and Bounty Killer has delivered with this big tune. Idonia jumps into familiar territory as he did with "Chicken Head" for his part of the riddim, covering up for where Kartel would usually place himself on the very slack Ukku. Alaine lays her vocals down over the last sung tune on the riddim; which coincidentally, is the last vocal tune on the riddim; here she claims that she will Give You what you want (one of my personal favourites). Closing the album is the clean version of the riddim that once again proves that Craig 'Leftside' Parkes and Matthew 'Esco' Thompson are continuing in fine form as far building riddims is concerned, and they continue to entertain as performers too.

"Dem Time Deh" is directed at the bashment crew and is certain to get the dancehall jumping and girls moving their waistlines. This is hardcore dancehall at its best. Big new riddim!