Various artists album review
Riddim Driven ~ Strip Down
VP Records-Walboomers Music
February 7, 2004

Tracking list

  1. Hype Pan A Gal - Zumjay
  2. Man A Man - Shaggy & CÚCile
  3. Beauty Queen - Bounty Killer
  4. Caribbean Girl - Rik Rok
  5. FiancÚ - Vybz Kartel
  6. Rude Boy - Rayvon
  7. Spy - Elephant Man
  8. Full Up The Party - Wayne Marshall & Ward 21
  9. Put It On Me - Prince Mydas
  10. Stop Watch Me - Macka Diamond
  11. Hoo - Voicemail
  12. All About Us - Danny English
  13. On Your Own - Brian & Tony Gold feat. Assassin
  14. Attitude - Blacker
  15. That Girl - Kiprich
  16. Girl Tonight - Bling Dawg
  17. Strip Tease - Lady Saw
  18. Strip Down / Strip Tease Instrumental - Christopher Birch
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)

Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 4

On the heels of the recently on his own Birch Records / Birchillmusic imprint 'Military'-riddim, that became big near the end of last year, that was recorded and mixed by Big Yard's Shane Brown (son of legendary Treasure Isle engineer Errol Brown) who just released 'Klymaxx' for his Juke Boxx label alongside the man who was involved on that riddim as well, Big Yard's big man Christopher 'Longman' Birch - of 'Scorcher', 'Blazing' (the riddim featured on the first (!) Riddim Driven compilation early 2001), 'Bonzi', 'Tunda Klap' (the riddim built for Delano and his Renaissance Crew), 'Career' (built for Troy McLean's First Name Music), and most of all 'Sexy Lady', 'Salsa' and 'Thrilla' fame, finally sees the version-excursion on the title track he produced for Lady Saw's "Strip Tease" released as the next album in VP Records Riddim Driven series. The riddim is in the same vein as the 'Military' but is just less likely to grab you force the first time you hear it. It is however I think underrated, because a couple of extra spins make clear that this trashier nephew of 'Military' is strong enough to fill a dancehall-floor as well. Opening the album is the catchy "Hype Pan A Gal" bashment vibe of slowly coming back Zumjay quoting every other DJ on his attitude towards girls, before the man who is even bigger at Big Yard than producer Christopher 'Longman' Birch, i.e. pop-reggae star Shaggy delivers "Man A Man" in a very entertaining combination with CÚCile, with Shaggy's man a man, oonu caan survive widout one / fi wi risk dem lose mi cool man / and a we possess di long john, weh yuh tek man fah?!!! countered by CÚCile's girls time, cause what is yours it is mine / and a we possess di good wine / oonu caan survive widout kind, weh yuh tek gal fah?!!! Bounty Killer bigs up the women who establish demselves in "Beauty Queen" sharing his preference for gal if a model in yuh brand yuh can do dat too / gal if yuh pass every test weh yuh stand up too / everyting natural nuttin nuh glued pon yuh / look pon a flat gal, and seh go pon yuh / gal yuh man love yuh bad yuh love yuh man too / dem a try but caan get yuh bamboo / gal yuh do weh yuh waan when yuh waan too / dem a chat cause dats all dem can do. Long time Shaggy sidekick Rik Rok pays tribute not only to the Jamaican ladies but to every "Caribbean Girl". Vybz Kartel as usually is slack but delivering that slackness convincing in his "FiancÚ" asking baby, could you be a friend of mine? / i'll chill your fire place with lumber let me push it inside / completely I'll dig deep if your man can't get you horny / come sleep with me I'll guarantee you'll get a pretty little baby!. Yet another former Shaggy sidekick, Rayvon delivers the full of crossover-potential she wants a "Rude Boy", before Elephant Man's "Spy" shows the days that his take on a riddim was the strongest are way back now. A big bashment tune is the partly vocodered Wayne Marshall & Ward 21 combination "Full Up The Party". Newcomer Prince Mydas shows there is gonna be competition in the great young & upcoming singers department with "Put It On Me", while Macka Diamond only strengthens her position as one of the leading females in the dancehall with "Stop Watch Me", and so are Voicemail theirs as a boygroup with their "Hoo" promising to take girls to higher heights. Danny English uses his sandpaper-voice to full effect in the party-girls tune "All About Us", before in a great combination featuring Brian & Tony Gold have their sweet voices countered by some fierce DJ-ing by Assassin in their goodbye to a girl "On Your Own". Blacker encourages the girls to walk and talk with "Attitude" before Kiprich goes lovers over his pretty little flower convincingly telling i love "That Girl" that girl that gimme good loving. "Girl Tonight" has Bling Dawg bragging about what is in stock for him and more particular for her, before Lady Saw's "Strip Tease" a raunchy and yet clear statement about who really is in control with her intro Strip Tease! Lady Saw representin, yo i gotta do this bid tonight / i gotta dance for these rich dudes uptown / when i reach there, i just put down my bags and tell them this followed by: let me strip, so i can tease, so i can bring you to your knees / lets get high, smoke some trees, pay your Gs, i'm here to please / now we gotta take heed, follow my lead, i know your need i wont mislead / give mi di trees i'll do your deed / is it hot enough? lets proceed, come on and its chorus:
Lets get wild! (Come on girl) Make a lotta noise! (Come on)
Lets get naughty! (Hey hey hey!) Turn out the party! (Thats right)
Lets get nude! (Get nude, get nude)
Bring me the booze! (Ah! Hey!) Take off your clothes! (Take it off girl!)
Bring the water hose! (Hey Hey Hey! Yo!)

closes the vocal takes before this in my opinion not having gained the exposure it deserves "Strip Down / Strip Tease (Riddim)" following in its clear version, showcasing that Christopher 'Longman' Birch is one of the producers that will give us plenty of good riddims in 2005.


/ Souljah Green Beret Productions