Riddim Driven ~ Clearance
VP Records
October 16, 2009

Einstein - Riddim Driven: Clearance Track list
  1. Dem Alone - Mavado
  2. Better Dayz - Chase Cross
  3. Rodney Intention - Bounty Killer
  4. Go Getta - Flexx
  5. Fe Get Rich - Mr. Vegas
  6. My Own - Ding Dong
  7. Work Me A Look - Einstein
  8. Secret Fi Dem - Demarco
  9. Me Want Money - Munga
  10. Clearance Riddim - Russian & DJ Frass
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Total votes : 2
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Vocals : 5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Going into 2010, with many titles soon expected to be released in several long running VP Records and Greensleeves series, it's time to wrap up the year gone by and a lot of one riddim samplers will be reviewed in the coming weeks. Kicking off this first week of 2010 is amongst other one of the dancehall volumes in VP Records' "Riddim Driven" series, the 'Clearance'-riddim from DJ Frass laid by Gaza's Russian. A perfect hybrid dancehall/hip hop riddim with mighty beats and synthi-stringstabs pushing it on is the perfect backing for some excellent hardcore lyricism (and even wit). Gully God Mavado opens this set in big style speaking out to his haters in "Dem Alone" followed by (surprise) hit "Better Dayz", the catchy tune by 'Next From The Gully' Chase Cross (Mavado's cousin Sameer Coombs) and the Warlord Bounty Killer shows he is still on top with the fierce "Rodney Intention".

Mavado protégé Flexx (not the one from T.O.K., but Flexxx In The Complex) impresses with the hustlers-tune "Go Getta" before Mr. Vegas proves what a big lyricist he is with the extremely entertaining "Fe Get Rich" which is excellently singjayed too and Ding Dong delivers the heavily vocodered but very strong "My Own". Despite a very promising start of his career, Einstein seemed to stagnate, but with sufferers' tunes like "Work Me A Look" he will certainly make progress again whether it be as Einstein or Stein as he seemed to prefer for a while and then Demarco (of course not just heavily but extreme vocodered) shines on "Secret Fi Dem". The last vocal tune is the Gangsta Ras Munga Honourable's return to fine form with the very strong "Money" that is (luckily) followed by the clean version of the "Clearance Riddim" closing a rather short but very strong selection, definitely recommended for all dancehall aficionados.