Riddim Driven ~ Smash
VP Records
August 1, 2006

Track list
  1. Baby U - Alaine
  2. Dutty Wine - Tony Matterhorn
  3. Lu Lu Lu - Busy Signal
  4. Haters - T.O.K.
  5. Ben Over - Vybz Kartel
  6. Herb We Smoke - Wayne Marshall
  7. Humble & Cool - Leftside & Esco
  8. Got Me Hooked - Aisha
  9. Pushing Hood - Movado
  10. See Them - Elephant Man
  11. Take Over - Round Head
  12. Dun Di Place - Turbulence
  13. Change - Ice Cold
  14. Enemy - Harry Toddler
  15. Tuff Chat - Colly C
  16. You Ah Di Wife - Flava Unit
  17. Smash (Intstrumental) - Stephen 'Supa Hype' Davis & Craig 'Daseca' Marsh
Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4/5 Backing : 5 Production : 5 Sound quality : 5 Sleeve : 3/4
Stephen 'Supa Hype' Davis makes his debut as producer in VP Records Riddim Driven series (after appearing as DJ with "Uptown Story", the outrageous very funny answer version to Baby Cham's "Ghetto Story" over DJ Karim's 'Inspector'-riddim in the Greensleeves Rhythm Album series) with the strong up tempo 'Smash'-riddim a.k.a. 'Dutty Wine' as Tony Matterhorn scored a smash (pun intended) hit with his slack take on the riddim. Built by Craig 'Daseca' Marsh - who built the 'Mad Guitar' alongside and for Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett, and helped building Michael 'Alozade' Sterling, together with riddim builders 'Computer' Paul Henton, Ernesto 'DJ X' Mitchell, Carlton Hugh 'Renegade X' Williams and Daniel 'Blaxxx' Lewis, his 'Chrome'-riddim, as well as Dane 'Fire Links' Johnson's 'Chaka Chaka', rebuilt the 'Man Fi Dead'-riddim for Michael Brissett's H2O as 'Petty Thief' and of course his own 2004 'Anger Management'-riddim paired with new tunes recorded this year over the 'Angrier Management'-remix of the riddim, this is a perfect combination of a syncopated strings-accent over a very fast paced almost soca-ish drum roll, over which Supa Hype, gets out the best of the artists voicing it. Stephen 'Supa Hype' Davis, who got his first fame as TV host for RE TV and as selector of Kingston's Code Red soundsystem, teamed up with RE TV cameraman (now turned musicvideo director) Winston 'Tyson' Matthews to form Hyperactive Entertainment, the production company that so firmly put Busy Signal on the map with "Step Out", "Bad" and "Born And Grow". And now this one-riddim album should have the names Supa Hype, Tyson and their Hyperactive label become household names in every dancehall in the world. Omnipresent Alaine, who delivers her sexy vocals with as much ease over this type of fast-paced dancehall riddims as over nu-roots and lovers backings, impresses here with the beautifully sung " Baby U" and is followed by Tony Matterhorn's very entertaining XXX-rated hittune "Dutty Wine" and Busy Signal's just as dutty and at least as entertaining "Lu Lu Lu". T.O.K. switch the theme, with the well sung and deejayed "Haters" delivering their umpteenth tune on this subject and amazingly still managing to sound fresh. The slackest lyricist of all, Vybz Kartel, once more delivers an extraordinary encouragement to a lady with his "Ben Over" like di soap drop, cock up pussy high like world trade center roof top for a superb extremely slack tune. Wayne Marshall celebrates the natural ganja in his "Herb Wi Smoke" and Leftside & Esco contribute one of their more serious tunes with their (still partly tongue in cheek) warning to stay "Humble & Cool" before Aisha makes clear that she aims to compete with Alaine for popularity with the very convincing "Got Me Hooked". Movado is doing a great chorus on "Pushing Hood" but seems to have run out of steam for the rest of the tune, something certainly not to be applied to Elephant Man, who is at his badman best on this riddim going after his enemies as soon as we "See Them" and Roundhead telling them to clear the street as he's going to "Take Over". Turbulence once more proves he is one of the singjays perfectly able to ride even the fastest hardcore dancehall riddims with his strong "Dun Di Place" before Ice Cold follows his first attempt at reviving his short-lived 2004 success over 'Inspector' with this fine reality-tune "Change". Harry Toddler speaks out in very catchy fashion against anyone being his "Enemy" before Colly C, still very fresh to the scene, makes an impressive statement "Tuff Chat" being what 'they' come with, warning me no luv chat, me buss shot before Flava Unit gets in with one of the finest tunes I ever heard from him, lyrically also aiming with as much power for the girls as for example T.O.K. and Voicemail can, the brilliant "You Ah Di Wife", as last vocal tune, before the riddim itself in its clean "Smash (Instrumental)" version closes this very entertaining set of a production outfit that will certainly be heard of much more in the near future.